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  1. This is like asking me which of my children I love better. Gee thanks. I Rushed-out on Friday; twitter, playing sings off YouTube as they were being announced. Just totally engrossed for hours! Then Saturday, my son had a great day in his first varsity football game kicking the game winning FG. So I was still recovering Sunday night (probably the most I've drank in a year - lol) so I didn't pay attention to the VA show until today. Holy crap!!!! 5 changes?!?! Damn. I've seen all these songs as my tour experience was GUP thru RTB. So for me this isn't a matter of something I haven't seen. I've seen all these songs live (except CA and Far Cry of course). MD is one of my favorites. I can live with The Pass though I prefer Bravado. The other changes are a wash for me. So I prefer b. I'm hoping they keep changing it up that we no one will know what they are going to see on any given night. No matter how many sites you visit or what you read wherever you read it or how many shows you go to, it will be different. If you think about it, it's genius on their part. Maybe many people would maybe only go to one show but consider going to another if they know they will hear different songs.
  2. QUOTE (Territorial_Game @ Sep 7 2012, 11:56 PM) QUOTE (1-0-0-1-0-0-1 @ Sep 7 2012, 10:55 PM) This thread: 71 pages 1,406 posts 47,873 views IN 12 HOURS. QUOTE On a Friday night. Fellow Rush fans, we are awesome. Nah - we just don't have lives... Lol
  3. That's kind of ballsy don't you think? LOL. Having a little time to digest, I am really excited to go see them on 10/20.
  4. I am curious - how many tours has there been where there were more songs from an older album (not the most recently recorded for the tour) than Moving Pictures? I know they played all 2112 one tour so I guess that's one.
  5. Hey -we all have expectations. We know going in that they aren't going to cover everything. I think some of us had high hopes for Losing It and Jacobs Ladder but they were long shot hopes nonetheless. As we got closer to the moment, there were alledgedly credible reports that these two songs were going to be played. So we got taken. We wished upon a star, was told that star was right behind the cloud, but when the cloud moved, it wasn't there. I think that's what you are hearing at this moment. It wasn't that cool action figure under all that gift wrap. Just another sweater from Aunt Mary (Working Man). For me, I love the set for the most part. The first CD I ever bought was Grace Under Pressure. That was also my first concert. I can practically recite that setlist. Powerwindows drew me in even deeper and committed me to a lifetime of Rush. So I'm excited to see these songs again. There will be other stars to watch. Other cool gifts under the tree.
  6. Tony R - you said in another thread that you saw Losing It and Jacobs Ladder on an actual setlist. What happened?
  7. I'm an "80's" guy. However, even I'm a tad disappointed. I thought maybe an 80's set, a CA set, then an older set. That would be balanced and make sense. To barely hint at anything before PW is odd to say the least. There was all this talk when CA came out that it was "ok for Rush to be influenced by Rush" (ak. bastille Day in HF). I love the 80's stuff. Was totally jazzed by the 80's stuff. I just wished they would have balanced it out a bit more. Guess we will have to wait for DC in 2 days and see if the list changes any. See if they are going to do some swaps on a show to show basis.
  8. Earlier today - Tony R was quoted as saying -" Losing It, Territories, and Jacobs Ladder on the set list." When asked by someone; "Tony Do you have a view of the setlist?", he replied "Indeed I do!" Guess not -
  9. I guess Tony R isnt so reliable. the only thing I guess they might do is switch some songs in and out from show to show.
  10. Alch - didn't some guy name Tony R - who regulars here deemed reliable - say just before the show that he saw JL and LI on the actual setlist? I'm so confused.
  11. Wonder how the piano part is being played on stage
  12. Earlier reports by what regulars call reliable sources stated that Losing it and Jacobs Ladder are on the list. There has got to be a 3rd set
  13. RUSHinNH is reporting that Neil came in a little late somewhere in HE. Oops. that's we play the songs, folks
  14. That's it folks - I am predicting again a 3rd set!!!!!!!!
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