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  1. Dear Lord. They ALL have a hit a wall of some kind. It's as much about Neil's ailments as it is Geddy's voice. It's about Alex's limitations. They are all limited to some degree. Just enjoy it. I really don't understand what more people expected. This is only part of the list. Wait until after Sunday's show...
  2. Um...I take it you didn't read the spoilers....
  3. Oh people. Just give in to the dark side. Coincidence the tour book info leaked on Star Wars Day? Many faced the dark side. Many lost. My breathing got a little raspier the moment I clicked to open....
  4. I think there are more gems coming. Between the prelude/Cygnus medley and 2112 there's something called "Ask Al". That begs of an acoustic solo. I predict that the acoustic solo will lead to The Trees and Xanadu. Now, usually an acoustic solo is preceded by a drum solo. So after the Prelude/Cygnus medley, I think we get LaVilla. So here's how I have the 2nd set; SET 2 1. Tom Sawyer 2. Red Barchetta ~ YYZ 3. The Camera Eye 4. Spirit of Radio ~ Natural Science ~ Closer To The Heart 5. Jacob's Ladder 6. Hemispheres Prelude ~ Cygnus X1 7a. La Villa - (drum solo) (Alex Solo - "Ask Al") 8. The Trees 9. Xanadu 10. 2112 *Overture *Temples (brief instrumental) *Grand Finale To me, this is as good as I can reasonably expect. We'll find out for sure on Friday.
  5. 5/5/2015 1. Clockwork Angels 2a. The Anarchist 2b. The Wreckers 3. Headlong Flight 4a. Big Money 4b. Red Lenses 5. Far Cry 6. One Little Victory 7. Animate 8a. Bravado 8b. Nobody's Hero 9. Leave That Thing Alone 10a. Roll The Bones 10b. Distant Early Warning 11. Kid Gloves 12. Subdivisions SET 2 1. Tom Sawyer 2. Red Barchetta ~ YYZ 3. The Camera Eye 4. Spirit of Radio ~ Natural Science ~ Closer To The Heart 5. Jacob's Ladder 6. Hemispheres Prelude ~ Cygnus X1 7a. La Villa - (drum solo - if any) (Alex Solo - "Ask Al") 8. The Trees 9. Xanadu 10. 2112 *Overture *Temples (brief instrumental) *Grand Finale ENCORE: Passage To Bangkok New World Man Limelight
  6. Great point. Especially those longer songs... they may rotate them so each audience gets x amount of "old proggy goodness" :) Works for me. Or "crap, they aren't playing (insert songs) at the Newark show so I will contemplate getting a ticket to the Philly or MSG show where they will be playing those songs."
  7. Did you see my posts on both the CA tour and TM tour? For the most part, it's at least a majority of the setlist. It even has the videos for opening, intermission, and end. Now on CA, one or two of the songs were out if order (last minute setlist change?). For TM, they were right down the line.
  8. Ok - so for the most part, the list is in order. I'm curious about one part in particular. In between Prelude/Cygnus and 2112, there's a segment called "Ask Al". Is that the acoustic instrumental section? If it is in order, I'd be interested to know what he would be playing here. Is this a segment leading up to The Trees? Will it be a medley of older, softer music? Something new? Now - another thought is that it's a video between the second set and the encore (yes, this would make 2112 part of if not the encore). Thoughts?
  9. For the first 10 seconds, I was like "meh". As I kept reading, I became more excited. I start thinking, " what more could I expect?" I don't get some of these people. I mean, there are "deep cuts" and then there are "amputations".
  10. Fun fact: Both TMT and CA had the main drum solo listed as a separate "song" in the tour book credits. I did not see one in the R40 credits....
  11. Based upon the new information today: SET 1: 1. Clockwork Angels 2a. The Anarchist 2b. The Wreckers 3. Headlong Flight 4a. Big Money 4b. Kid Gloves 5. Far Cry 6. One Little Victory 7. Animate 8. Leave That Thing Alone 9a. Roll The Bones 9b. Distant Early Warning 10. New World Man SET 2 1. Subdivisions 2. Tom Sawyer 3. Red Barchetta ~ YYZ 4a. The Camera Eye 4b. Jacob's Ladder 5. Spirit of Radio ~ Natural Science ~ Closer To The Heart 6. Lavilla (drum solo if any) 7. Hemispheres Prelude ~ Cygnus X1 8. Xanadu 9a. Passage To Bankok 9b. Cinderella Man 10. R40 Medley *Something from FOL *Fly By Night *By-tor & The Snowdog *In The Mood ENCORE 2112 *Overture *Temples of Syrinx *Presentation *Grand Finale
  12. STATS: 12 of 25 slots listed 12 of 25 songs listed 13 of 25 songs NOT listed THE TIME MACHINE TOUR The "Real" History of Rush Act 1 & 2 - bOpening animation by Ghostmilk 1. The Spirit of Radio (not listed) 2. Time Stand Still (not listed) 3. Presto - Edited by Jackie Roda/School 4. Stick It Out - Directed by Samuel Bayer 5. Workin' Them Angels - Directed by Christopher Mills 7. Faithless - Design and animation by Crankbunny/Electric Company Art & Design lnc. 6. Leave That Thing Alone - Design and animation by Derivative 8. BU2B - Concept: by Dale Heslip 9. Freewill (not listed) 10. Marathon (not listed) 11. Subdivisions - Original Subdivisions footage directed by Grant Lough Moving Pictures Design and animation by Crankbunny 12. Tom Sawyer (not listed) 13. Red Barchetta - Directed by Greg Russell/Tandem Digital 14. YYZ (not listed) 15. Limelight (not listed) 16. The Camera Eye - Directed & Photographed by Andrew MacNaughtan 17. Witch Hunt - Design and animation by Derivative 18. Vital Signs (not listed) 19. Caravan - Concept by Dale Heslip 20. Closer To The Heart (not listed) 21. 2112 (not listed) 22. Far Cry - Design and Animation by Steven Lewis/Spin Productions ENCORE: 23. La Villa (not listed) 24. Working Man (not listed) 25. Cygnus X-1 Teaser (not listed)
  13. So to add it up and I'm going to round off because I'm at work and I shouldn't be doing this :) LISTED IN THE TOUR BOOK: 16 of 25 slots listed 18 of 29 songs listed 11 of 29 songs were NOT listed
  14. For the most part, the CA Tour Book followed the setlist. There were some exceptions, but a vast majority followed the setlist.
  15. OPENING CA SETLIST. Please note, the songs are listed by how they appeared in the Tour Book and then by how they were in the setlist. As many know, there were changes to the setlist (i.e. Working Man was dropped after 6 shows). OPENING VIDEO: That's My Shmegegee SET 1: 1. Subdivisions (not listed) 2. Big Money - Ryan Hunt/School - Editor 3. Force Ten (not listed) 4. Grand Designs ((not listed) 5a. Middletown Dreams (not listed) 5b. Body Electric - Mike Spicer & Dave Desjardin/Loop - Animation & Design 20a. Dreamline - Jackie Roda - Editor 7. Analog Kid (not listed) 8a. The Pass - Matt Mahurin - Director 8b. Bravado (not listed) 9. Where's My Thing? - Aaron Dark/School - Editor 6. Territories - crankbunny - Design and animation 10. Far Cry - Steven Lewis/Spin Productions - Design and Animation SET 2 OPENING VIDEO: The Appointment & Office of the Watchmaker 11. Caravan - Concept by Dale Heslip 12. Clockwork Angels - Moment Factory - Director 13. The Anarchist - Christopher Mills - Director 14. Carnies - Julia Deakin/Crush - Graphic 18a. Seven Cities of Gold - Christopher Mills - Director 15. The Wreckers - Pyramid Attack - 16. Headlong Flight - Josh Venneulen & Chris Moberg/ 17. Halo Effect (not listed) 18b. Wish Them Well - Loki Visual Effects Inc. 19. The Garden - Crankbunny - Design 20b. Manhattan Project (not listed) 21. Red Sector A (not listed) 22. YYZ (not listed) 23. Working Man (not listed) ENCORE: 24. Tom Sawyer - Yoho Hang Yue/Crush - Art Director & Graphic Designer 25. 2112 - Tandem Digital - Design and Animation ADDITIONAL NOTE: Spirit of Radio and Limelight were later added (not listed)
  16. Camera eye and Jacob's ladder are about the same length. Just sayin'. Ok - if you buy the combinations (which I do because it makes sense), then we are looking at 18 slots ONLY IF none of these songs are alternates. Slots can be defined as "when a song begins and music is played continuously until the music ends". Forget the number of songs. So if none are alternates, we have 18. Most likely, some are, so we are looking at 14-16 slots. CA broke down as follows; Set 1 = 10 slots Set 2 = 13 slots Encore = 2 slots Total = 25 slots Alex said on the Renman interview that they were cutting back. So best case, 23 slots. Worse case 20 slots. So - if we have 14-16 slots leaked AND they are filling 20-23 slots a night, we are looking at 4-9 slots NOT leaked. We have 22 songs leaked. Alex said around 35 prepared. Somewhere in the middle is the correct number of songs.
  17. I've been reading. I don't have the Tour book. All I know is that Snaked has been a reliable source for some time now. He is NOT just some run-of-the-mill fan. This list doesn't surprise me. Naturally most of it's going to be post Moving Pictures. I'm not surprised that CA is getting additional love. I think the band really like these songs. I'm fine with them being selfish. It's their band. In a recent interview, Alex referenced 35 songs. Even if he exaggerated, you can still count on at least 30 probably being on the comprehensive setlist. Alex also said the show would be shorter. Take that comment that plus his "35 song" statement", it can only lead to one of two things; shorter versions of songs or songs blended together. Someone earlier posted that you shouldn't read too much into the "/" because it just means that they were directed by the same person. I don't think that is accurate because the SOR/NS/CTTH director is that same as the The Anarchist.
  18. Freewill (up until the end of the solo) INTO Natural Science (Brief instrumental of part 2 Hyperspace) (Then full Part 3 Permanent Waves)
  19. Agreed except the smoking and bar part. Lol
  20. 5/3/2015 SET 1: R40 Medley: Working Man Fly By Night By-Tor & Snowdog In The End In The Mood Necromancer: Return of the Prince Limelight New World Man a. Stick It Out b. Show Don't Tell Nobody's Hero Passage To Bankok Limbo a. Freewill b. Red Barchetta La Villa SET 2: Hemispheres Prelude ~ Far Cry Headlong Flight a. Anarchist b. Dreamline Bravado Subdivisions Kid Gloves YYZ ~ drum solo (acoustic solo) a. Closer To The Heart b. The Trees Tom Sawyer Spirit Of Radio Xanadu ENCORE: 2112: Overture Temples of Syrinx Presentation Grand Finale
  21. Here's what you do - You open the tour book and carefully turn to the credits section. You take a picture without reading or looking at the picture. You then go on to this site and very carefully PM the picture ONLY YO ME. Trust me, you will feel so much better when you do this. :)
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