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  1. That's so awesome, got chills! The bar has been raised for sure, Cheers!
  2. I thought the Newark crowd left a bit to be desired. The closest lower bowl section to the stage on Alex's side sat down through much of the show. That sucks, oh well from front section floor level where we were everyone was rocking out :rush:
  3. I paid all of $8 in 1977, by comparison the big band that year was Fleetwood Mac,had to shell out $12 for them. Those were the days before ticket bastard! Went down to the box office and bought them in person :)
  4. I was at the Newark show and felt it was just amazing, crowd and band on fire and fueling each each other. This was a Rush tour for the ages and everyone probably thinks shows they were at are 'the best'. All 34 were no doubt fantastic..no need to split hairs over levels of concert perfection.
  5. Permanent Waves 2112 A Farewell to Kings Hemispheres Moving Pictures IMHO the best 5 sequential albums in history! Yes I know I didn't list them sequentially :)
  6. Just 10 is damn near impossible! In no particular order: 2112 Circumstances ByTor and the Snow Dog A Farewell to Kings Witch Hunt Natural Science Vital Signs Cygnus X-1, Book ll Xanadu In the End
  7. AFTK tour 1977, Binghamton, NY at the then pretty new veterans memorial arena. I was a broke high school senior, best I remember tickets were $8. Amazing show, looking back I don't think it really sunk in just how great at the time...didn't have the perspective of having seen that many bands yet. I remember seeing Aerosmith around that same time and being very disappointed. That fall I was off to college and met some cool people that really got me turned on to all of the Rush albums to date, lifetime fan ever since!
  8. You got to spend some time with Fly By Night. Anthem and ByTor and the Snow dog are awesome!
  9. Good point. Or Eagles. How many "Farewell Tours" have they done now? You forgot to mention the Grandfathers of farewell Tours. "The Who" The who back in the 80's had a farewell tour. We see what happen there they are still touring even though half the band is dead (disrespecting). Love the Who and they were a huge influence on the guys in Rush...but The Who without Kieth Moon and John Entwhistle isn't the Who! I do not see Ged and Alex performing with another drummer and billing themselves as Rush!
  10. Neil seems to prefer Aston Martin's lol
  11. "What? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor...hell no!"
  12. I am not a reader but haven't you said he is a sh*tty writer before? Maybe he can't write a tweet properly either... :| I didn't care for his work either, but he is a friend and hiking pal of Neil's so he's closer to the band than 99.9% of us...just not really his place to 'speak' for the band. If it was a post concert adrenaline/after-party drunk tweet fine, but take it down!
  13. Yes it's him, he's good friends with Neil..he's been mentioned in several of Neil's boom.
  14. I'll wager we will see a photo or two that Neil took last night in one of his future books, gotta believe he'll continue to write.
  15. Why does it happen, because it happens. It is what it is, I don't expect athletes or actors I admired 30-40 years ago to still be kicking ass at the top of their game...if Saturday night is it the guys have earned their 'retirement' many times over and I wish them all the best. I have a lifetime of memories of Rush shows I've attended and have all their music to enjoy until I'm in the ground.
  16. Old school here, never stolen anything; had all the records on vinyl, then cassette, & eventually CD's. Over the past 40 years I've spent countless $$$$ on their albums, swag, and tours. I like to think I've helped pay for Neil to enjoy his latest Aston Martin and helped Ged & Alex add to their wine cellars. I would do it all again :rush:
  17. They taste like chicken!
  18. I really can't, Neil's written about his disdain for the Vegas strip...isn't gonna happen. Now a month near Moab he might be up for...he loves the hiking and scenery in that part of Utah, problem is its 4 or 5 hours from Salt Lake City, closest venue they could play.
  19. Neil's discussed in one of his books that he puts a lot of thought (no surprise) and enjoys selecting the music for the pre-show so he more or less owns the task; the pre-show music at Newark was excellent :)
  20. Couldn't agree more! Was riding a high all day yesterday after experiencing this show. Today...major post concert depression setting in.
  21. Loved every minute of it, they were absolutely awesome last night. Hell, even Neil was smiling at times...if its the last time I see them then I have memories of an awesome, inspired performance. As we were leaving the hotel this morning we chatted with two other couples in the lobby...we say the same thing, as much as we fans would miss them...the guys would miss this too! Sure possibly "tours of this magnitude" may end with R40 but we'll have to wait and see the future.
  22. Skipped CA we got Losing It! Intermission... Waiting to be blown away. Guys are sounding awesome tonight!!
  23. Indeed, prayers for James. A front suspension component failed entering a turn, James was a passenger at that point and impact with the wall registered a staggering 125Gs! Worse than initially reported, the injury was life threatening - a piece of the front wishbone pierced the carbon fibre tub and went through Jame's right thigh and into his left. Massive loss of blood and tissue damage, fortunately the attending safety team, EMT's that transported him and Doctor's at Indianapolis Methodist Hospital did amazing work under pressure to save his life. Not sure if any of the guys from Rush were actually going to be in Indy Sunday, Neil is the "car guy/racing enthusiast" of the group but even as a VIP I cannot see him enjoying an event in person with 300,000 in attendance. Indy is still the largest single day attended sporting event in the World.
  24. https://www.facebook...f_t=photo_reply I cant figure out how to just post the image here, but here's the link to the FB page.
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