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  1. It's not like the videos are coming at the expense of any songs. They are already playing 3+ hours, and so the videos are just gravy added to the main course. I doubt we would hear extra music if the videos went away. But I do agree that the videos are pretty bad, and that goes for most of the images shown with the songs on this tour, especially the mechanical spider-whatever shown during one of Neil's solos (also shown during TM tour). Light show was good, but they'd have done much better to hire some grad students from a good art school for the video/images. OK, getting off topic here so I will say that it was easy to ignore the videos because I actually liked the setlist, even though it was light on 70s material.
  2. QUOTE (Steely Caress @ Sep 30 2012, 11:04 PM) QUOTE (Slack jaw gaze @ Sep 30 2012, 06:42 PM) QUOTE (highwater @ Sep 12 2012, 12:44 PM) As a reference - I bought my VIP tix within one minute of them going on sale, so I'm sure that was *the* factor in where we were seated. The whole point of not assigning the seats at purchase time is to not favor the people who are available to queue up at the instant the tickets go on sale. By definition, 1/15 of the people were going to be in row 1 and 1/15 were going to be in row 15. I was 3rd row center, but I didn't buy tickets until several days after they went on sale. There was no advantage in buying the tickets at the opening gun. Exactly. It made no difference. I bought vip right away and got 9th row in mps. Waited a few weeks after the sale and ordered a pair for winnipeg and got 3rd row center. But the VIP Nation site specifically states, "Seating is based on date and time order is placed. First orders get seated closest." If they are following this policy, then it would matter when the order is placed. It doesn't surprise me you got 3rd row at Winnipeg even through you purchased VIP weeks after the sale began. For some reason there were good seats available for that show-- maybe because it is a remote venue--4th and 5th row face value were available on the day of the show. But 9th row Minneapolis is a little surprising-- either a lot of people purchased VIP immediately, or the policy above wasn't followed.
  3. I don't like how Bravado/The Pass follows right after The Analog Kid. I've attended two shows and the crowd really gets going with The Analog Kid, then all the momentum is lost on Bravado/The Pass. But in general I really enjoyed the deep 80s cuts in the first set.
  4. Could we have some more updates from those who purchased VIP? Please include: Seat location, and time you purchased VIP tickets. It sounds like some people really scored well with VIP, but on the other hand I've heard about seat locations that are not impressive given the cost of the package. For example, in another thread someone wrote that they went VIP and got 9th row seats Alex's side in Mpls-- I attended the same show, buying a late ticket at face value also on Alex's side-- but in row 6. So VIP is not a slam dunk. I bet it depends on when someone purchased the VIP package. I'm also reminded of the disclaimer on ads for most mutual funds: "Past performance is not a guarantee of future results." If a lot more people go for VIP for the second leg of the tour, it probably will be harder to land the seat in the first two rows. But of course I support any system that screws the brokers.
  5. Hey KidGloves, looks like I'm going to have to change my name, or there may be some serious confusion about who's-who. I was also at Winnipeg-- 5th row Geddy's side. Crowd was really into it, with a few exceptions. Ticketmaster had released some 4th and 5th row seats late, and the dude in front of me in the 4th row must have been a non-fan who picked up a ticket. He stayed seated through the entire first set while people around him were jamming. Then he left during intermission never to return. I'm not complaining, though-- better view for me!
  6. So does anybody know anything about the seating at these venues? Is the Sweden festival and the Helsinki show just general admission or is there reserved floor seating? It turns out I have a conference in Sweden from June 6-10!!!
  7. The policy that you agree to when you buy tickets through the MT presale clearly states that any resale "for a price in excess of the original purchase price is not permitted." It is a public sale, and the tickets are your property, but you abide by conditions when you buy them. Selling them for profit on a resale site violates those conditions. As for the ethics, I guess it depends on what you think a "community" is, and what obligations you have to other members of that community. To me, using this or another Rush forum for profiteering is exploitative.
  8. I saw this posted on RIAB under one of the tour dates: "I have listed 2 RUSH tickets for 9/24 MN show on StubHub. They are one row (17th & 18th rows of FLR 1 section) and only 2 seat numbers apart, so you'd be very close to a friend if you wanted 2 tickets. They are listed at $211.20 each, so should be easly [sic] to spot if you are interested. Thanks and enjoy the show!" Wow-- what a bargain-- you can pay double face value and you and your friend maybe can shake hands if you really stretched out. IMO, fan sites should not be used to resell tickets above face value. If you've upgraded or have an extra ticket, then use the fan sites to unload your tickets to another fan at cost plus fees only. But don't try to gouge other members of the community (if you think it's clever to price the tickets after a Rush album, then how about $121.12-- and for that price postage should be included). I'll go even further and argue that reselling presale tickets for a profit is flat out unethical. If you are doing that you are part of the problem. It's also likely illegal, since the MT user agreement states, ""The sale or resale of a ticket, through unauthorized partners, for a price in excess of the original purchase price is not permitted." For a brief moment I looked into the possibility of seeing the next two shows after my home venue. I pulled 3rd row lowers on MT for one show and 6th row floor for the other show, MUCH better than what I got for my home venue. But as the seconds to sale ticked away, I knew realistically I couldn't get away from work for a week at that time, so I threw them back. I didn't buy them and resell them on SH. If I had bought them and couldn't go, then I'd try to sell them for face and fees to another fan.
  9. Out of curiosity I checked the platinum tix for my home venue and the closest available was row 7 for $425/ticket. Unless my eyes were deceiving me I thought the farther rows up to 17 were around $375-- more than VIP pricing for worse seats. Checked again a half hour later and row 2 tickets were added for $450, and the farther rows were reduced to $295. So if you jumped the gun on platinum early you got a worse deal than if you waited. In any event, this is more expensive than the platinum tickets for shows that were on sale last week. In just one week's time prices have been adjusted northward considerably. I wonder if this trend will continue and if the VIP prices for later shows are adjusted as well. To put this in perspective, if you are 20 years old you can buy that second row ticket for $450 or you can put that money into a Roth IRA and it will be worth nearly $33,000 when you retire at age 65, assuming a 10% annual return. Enjoy the show!
  10. I want to vote for the whole album. Losing it, Analog Kid, Digital Man, Countdown all are great choices. Probably won't hear Chemistry, but since it's been 30 years since a live version, it would be awesome. It would be interesting to mix up the arrangement on one of these songs-- make it an updated, contemporary version of a classic.
  11. Ah, the good old days...I remember my first Rush show where all the tickets were general admission and all cost the same amount. Everyone had a good time at the show AND the kids without a lot of coin had the chance to see the band close up. But I guess looking back on it I should have realized this system was socialism in disguise.
  12. I think you have to purchase merchandise when you buy your fan presale tickets to be eligible for a drawing for the meet and greet-- one M&G per venue, I believe. Of course, this relates to my rant in another thread that the concert-going experience has become excessively commodified. In this case, you are only eligible for the M&G if you buy stuff. But I won't get into that here (well OK, obviously I just did...) Anyone know if there are other ways to get a M&G?
  13. My concern with VIP-- beyond the issue of not revealing exact seat locations-- is the general direction this takes us. Access to the band is/will be a commodity for sale, along with all the swag you have to buy in order to get the package. While some people scored decent seats with the presales, this too will be a thing of the past. Already it appears that at some venues, presale buyers couldn't get tickets within the first 15 rows. And that will get worse going forward.
  14. How many people who are buying VIP would really be happy with row 15, when you can shake hands with someone behind you bought their ticket for a third of that price? But that's the brilliance (or cynicism) of the marketing plan-- these packages are selling out because people are buying the *chance* of sitting in the first three rows, especially if they got their order in at 12:01, right? But we have no idea how many of the really close seats they have to sell compared to those in rows 12-15. And there's no regulator looking over their shoulder to make sure the system is run fairly. It will be interesting to see what actually happens. There will have to be success stories, but my guess is that for most people, the wanting will be a lot better than the having.
  15. They've identified The Way the Wind Blows as one of their favorites, so I hope they stick with that, but I agree we'll probably hear Far Cry again. If it has to be Far Cry, can we do without the thunderous cannon shot or whatever it is on the live performances of the song? It kind of cheapens the song to resort to tricks to get the crowd into it.
  16. I agree with this frustration, I'm trying to decide what to do before the next round of sales. It's great that some used the regular presale and scored good tickets, but I tried and came up empty, and now I'm considering the VIP route. What to do? To make any petition more convincing I'd make an argument that this practice will hurt business in the long run, particularly if fans become disillusioned after they fork out the big bucks and then show up on the day of the concert and get seats past the 10th row, off to one side, etc. What I don't get is why the seats have to be secret to deter the scalpers, especially if you have to show ID and pick up the tickets at the venue on the day of the show? Did the resellers scoop up VIP tickets on the last tour?
  17. I voted for Kid Gloves, Territories, Prime Mover, Losing It, Enemy Within. I would like any of the forgotten tracks from the 80s albums. But Hemispheres in its entirety would be fantastic, too. I wanted to vote for a top 15! If they did the whole Signals album in its entirety-- like MP on the TM tour-- I would be amazed. That rumor was out there when artwork from the tour book-- showing a dalmatian-- leaked to the internet earlier. Any news or updates whether this is happening? I'd love to hear the whole Signals album played on the upcoming tour but I wonder whether it can be done if they are also promoting the new songs.
  18. KID GLOVES!!!! And since I first saw them in concert on the first show of the "New World Tour" 30 years ago (My ticket cost $10.50), I would love to hear Signals in its entirety, but especially Analog Kid, Chemistry, Losing It, Digital Man. As for others, I'd go with: Territories, Prime Mover, red lenses, Enemy Within, Grand Designs. I'd just as soon skip the 90s but Alien Shore would be great.
  19. Is there a sense of what kind of tickets a person can get with the Citi pre-sales? Has anyone snagged tickets in the first 15-20 floor rows using the Citi pre-sale? (Just wondering if it's worth it to get one of those blasted cards...)
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