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  1. I actually think the riff is much closer to the verse riff of One Little Victory. And my first reaction to the chorus was that it reminded me of Ghost of a Chance chords. I love it though. The bass makes it for me
  2. QUOTE (Del_Duio @ Jun 19 2012, 06:55 AM) QUOTE (Union 5-3992 @ Jun 17 2012, 08:34 PM) This is my least favorite track. It doesn't make it bad, but to me, it doesn't compete with the rest. It still flows nicely with the rest of the songs. Perhaps it will grow on me more with future listens. This is what I used to think too, but it really grows on you the more you listen to it. SEVEN CITIES OF GOOOOOOOOLLLDD!!!! Agreed This song was resigned to be a miss for me too... But just yesterday...I got it! Listening on headphones and hearing the details....the busy bass under the chorus....the dark choral harmonies. Just love it when songs finally click. I had a hard time getting past the "one little victory" riff at first..but now I feel it! Love it now.
  3. wakeman did say that about Oceans...but Oceans was full of filler..to stretch it out.. CA is long, but if we have to wait 5 years between albums...bring it LONG. back in the day, 40 mins was tight..but you got another album in a year-year 1/2... nowadays..YES and RUSH just dont put out what they once did(yes album AND fragile in one year?!?!?)... so i will take a long album if it has NO filler.. THis one doesnt...its a good collection. if i gotta wait so long...then long is Good! and that...my friends...is what SHE SAID. peace.
  4. It will be awesome to hear CA done with strings... Wreckers...halo...garden...maybe other bits.... And I would hope they play manhattan project...that song is amongst my all time favs and strings work as they were written in... Maybe losing it...but that is more of a Mink solo moment...Eddie jobson-like playing....so who knows... Other than that..I am sure it will be a straight show...not like the yes tour someone referred to... Not a ballad fest.....nah ....tears.....nah.... Other maybes if I had to guess.... Nobody's hero. Mission Jacobs ladder Bravado The pass Peace.
  5. For now....I would prefer it to: Counterparts-for sure Test for echo-for sure Presto Roll the bones Rush-never ever listen to this Caress of steel-never listen to this either Feedback-blah For now.....I would group it in my must haves list: Clockwork angels Vapor trails Hold your fire(I totally agree with who said that 8 Songs on here are outstanding..two duds...tiashan and second nature) Power windows Moving pix Signals Permanent waves Farewell to kings Hemispheres The bubble: Snakes and arrows GUP Better than any on my good list depends on what style I am in the mood for.... Peace
  6. Well I agree that armor n sword is the best song on snakes.. The Canterbury style verse..that Cygnus chording in the middle. And the Signals-esque vocal on the chorus..great layering. Melody and harmony...that song is awesome... Nothing on test for echo or counterparts measures up to me...the one equivalent song prior to CA would be SEcret Touch....that song is emotionally amazing.... But CA has a magic about it too....so those three stand tall Peace
  7. QUOTE (Rushman14 @ Jun 17 2012, 04:17 PM) Best playing since Moving Pictures IMO friend... you cannot overlook the amazing rick sound and playing of Signals.. digital man, analog kid, subdiv, even countdown... and the holy Wal of Power Windows still holds up as one of my favorite bass albums of all time... peace.
  8. i have to give it to geddy on this album...his playing is all over the record and really speaks to the Rush appeal of the music. i am a bass player, and have learned all his stuff...in the past each album would force me to learn another technique... the rickenbacker years were busy and rich(i play a rick as well)...even MP which was a Jazz standing in for the rick sound was busy and rich... then the thin/busy era of the steinberger/Wal basses... i had to learn triplets(marathon) and muting(territories) and chords(force ten)... back to thick sounding bass/jazz with the grunge years(CP and TFE)...BUT now he was using this new flamenco style of fingerpicking...so the bass lines changed... this was not my favorite bass era... snakes was part flamenco and part old school...but CA seems to have him back to crunchy linear bass lines...all over the record... even though its no Rickenbacker...the jazz bass is set to sound similar..crunchy trebly and popping.... So to me this is the best bass sounding record since.....HOLD YOUR FIRE. yep, Presto and RTB have a few good bass moments, but the bass was really serving the poppiness of the songs at that point... HOLD YOUR FIRE still has the magical Time stand still, Open Secrets, Turn the page, Hight water(i love that bass line), PRime Mover.... great stuff on this record for the bass lover... SO CA best bass since HYF. your thoughts... peace.
  9. avenger

    Best Chorus on CA

    I know there is lots of chat about melody, and chorus appeal on this forum.. listening to the album i always think about the songwriting, not just the playing..and usually with the trio the playing can be a bit superior to the songwriting or arranging... but they do pull it off and on CA there are some strong chorus's and some weak ones... here's my favorites: The Wreckers: yeah, obviously the best on the album. great melody, catchy wording(not forced), Ged using his SIGNALS voice(my preference), strings add to the intensity...homerun. The Garden: more for the coda than the basic chorus, but the lyrics, the message and the three devices for the chorus all work so beautifully... three devices---in the fullness of time melody, a garden to love and protect main melody..and then the overlying "its a measure of a life"..which is where the magic happens...homerun. Headlong Flight: YES! i do think this is a great chorus with a great melody. once you get the feel for what they are doing, its a bouncy, sing'with, cadence driven chorus...i always think of EPIC by Faith No More on this, and i love it.. homerun. Caravan: i know many complain abou the repeated line...thinking big...but i like it for that reason..i like the line and the melody...i especially like the chords underneath the vocals... triple. CLockwork ANgels: again, the prechorus really sets up the chorus...the 6/4 groove is accented in the vocal phrasing..and it works...i love the DOUBLE AGENT/NOCTURNE/TEST FOR ECHO/CUT TO THE CHASE chords pattern(yeah, this means its a bit overused...but CA is the best of its usage)... majestic and big..triple. Anarchist: ok, the melody is a bit tough...but the driving bassline really adds to the appeal...again, it harkens to Signals for me...and i like it. double. Wish them Well: this should be a massive chorus...so sing-alongish...i think i like the melody, i just wish it had more density to it..it is an anthemic type of message...so a bigger vocal presentation would have sounded magic to me...like the "mirroro always lies" feel from Warpaint..just a choral of voices for this philisophical line about life.... single. Carnies: the melody is ok on this chorus. the music is roomy so its nice. but nothing spectacular. Carnies is a great song but more collectively than due to its chorus.. single. Halo Effect: why isnt this chorus on the top of my list?!! such an opportunity. i do love the sound of the song, the verses are just right...but the chorus's are just passable...at the minimum they should have really upped the presentation after that cool gtr break...even with the same melody, just add counter voice or other harmony's or more strings or even more electric gtr...just make that last chorus a must-listen to moment(like the garden...you HAVE to listen to the whole ending..so much is elevated)... foul ball. 7 Cities of gold: just bland. a good song to listen to due to the playing..nothing melodic to catch on to. foul ball. BU2B: great playing..again, the chorus just leaves me cold... foul ball. BU2B2: steeeeeeeRIKE! i dont mind interlude pieces...but it is devoid of melody. droning with a string section???? and does everyone realize that the verse of BU2 is presented 3 times on this album in 3 different styles? acoustic into BLUESY main song HEAVY ROCK bu2b2 STRING SECTION a major miss here...this should have been more interesting. love the album though, where chorus's let me down, playing or arrangements make up for them...and that is what RUSH is in most cases... Peace.
  10. I am a fan of SA..but I do give the edge to CA..just better overall. But surely more aggressive and that helps sway. Top 5 for me for both: Armor and sword(epic to me...love that chorus) Far cry Faithless Way the wind blows Working them angels Clockwork angels The garden The wreckers Anarchist Headlong flight Bottom: Good news first(bland) Bravest face( I like the chorus...but that geddy lee solo album sounding verse is so out of place) Monkey busuness(good for a bit...just too long) Larger bowl Spindrift( coulda been a masterpiece...but that chorus...a little closer....even now I don't get it) Bu2b2 That's it!!! So SA has some strength at the top. But far more to do without. cA for now, doesn't have a song to skip! Admittedly. I listen to every song on arrows for months. So time will tell CA longevity. But angels is special I think.... Peace So SA has good songs that hold
  11. I think these last two releases are great news for us Rush geeks, great to have two vital albums so late in their careers... to my view, Rush has explored sounds/directions thru 2 records(duo) thruout their span...i think this one (snakes/angels) is among the best of the lot.... Rush/Fly by Night(the canadian/zep/rock albums) Caress of Steel/2112(the prog/metal odes...long songs..metalisms) Farewell to Kings/Hemispheres(more straightforward prog, tied by Cygnus) Permanent Waves/Moving Pictures(steamlined, concise, radio ready) Signals/Grace Under Pressure(the keyboard begins its relevance, dark matter) Power Windows/Hold your Fire(thin bass, overt production, overdubs to the hilt..Collins-days) Presto/Roll the bones(hines-vision of rush, melody..more gtrs...but VERY poppy) Counterparts/Test for Echo(the grunge albums, collins back..heavy and trio oriented...keyboards are limited to very mild treatments) Vapor Trails/Feedback(self produced experimental steps...vapor trails was a must to get thru the grief...production be damned..it served a cathartic purpose..and feedback was a return to FUN) Snakes and Arrows/Clockwork Angels(boooojz days! a true return to the Fan side of what Rush is..nods to the past...acoustic gtrs..bluesy leads...great concepts..yeah..i loved Snakes too...) as you can see if you look at DUO's/phases/chapters...Snakes and Angels may be the third or forth best of all 10...thats amazing considering they are at this end of their career... bravo my trio... peace.
  12. avenger

    Clockwork Angels

    When reading all the pre-release postings...saying how it had so many different parts, and it was different from part to part..and it was like several disperate jams patched together..and that it was totally prog....and etc etc... i was looking for this complex, time changing, dynamic shifting prog song.. but actually its pretty straight forward...its just a simple A B C A B C mid B C structure..and its in a solid 6/4 swing...pretty clean as far as proggyness...not too complex... However, its still an amazing song, for many reasons to my ears: *beautiful verse, good lord how nice is that clean gtr feeling harking us back to late 80's without sounding dated...and the bass line is magic...great melody... *SUPER DUPER Pre chorus..starting with the stick countoff...just a power moment for the whole album...when you finally get the groove...the vocal just sits in the pocket around those "double agent" chords...LOVE this part... *Sweeping Swooping Swirling Drums...tribally driving the heartbeat of the song...this really is the key to the feel..maybe its whey many say it is complex...but its Neil just pounding a new world feel to the song... *great lead! i love the song, i find it to be my favorite for now as well...just due to the power and feel of the prechorus...bravo my trio of rock!! ps... i do feel we all may have had a similar reaction to FREEZE when VT came out..that song too has the 7/4 proggy feel and glistening gtrs parts and heavy driving thunderous prog that harkened to the seventies as well...
  13. avenger

    The Garden

    i too am magically moved by THE GARDEN. it message(at my age!) is very introspective and the melody is gorgeous. song structure is so good too...great build up.. that coldplay piano part is bold in that its as if there is 4th member joining in for the crescendo... and of course the emotional strings at the end. but what gets me, and i think most, is that looping vocal at the end..."its the measure of a man"....as the strings swirl...just emotional! its interesting as i listen, that its not groundbreaking arrangment..because you can find tons of artists that build their emotional endings in this manner...strings piano vocal counterpoints etc... BUT it is a nice device when the TRIO does it...because its not that common for them..then it sounds brilliant. the garden ending uses that counter point melody, which seems to always make geddy's melodys stick to you...and then you have the powerful connection. same device(IMO) we felt with the endings of: Bravado(we can count the..) Presto(wave my magic wand..) Nobody's Hero(Nobodys HEROO...) Available light(in the available lighttttt...) and even Warpaint(the mirror always lies) and No one has yet to note that this song/garden owes some to the beautiful ANGELS SHARE from ged's solo album... the beginning of the garden reminds me so much of that song...and AS has that circular chorus and strings that also connect like the Garden(what it doenst have is alex and his fine work on G)... Bravo to the Garden!! peace.
  14. i dont have the download...but i have weakened and listened to all the songs online...just had to hear em! i do think that this one has a special opportunity to remain a classic...right to think that newness gets us excited..and once saturation kicks in the real relevance and staying power shows... i do give extra points when the latest thing they do has grand moments..nice to see them vital.. for example..though it took time..Vapor Trails grew on me and i thought of it in my top 3 for years...and when Snakes came out, i again enjoyed it for some time and it also felt top 5 for me... BUT i also remember Counterparts, listening to Animate in my car for the first time and feeling that raw rock power...coming off the glassy gtr era of the 80's and PResto/RtB...i thought RUSH IS BACK!! but in short time i struggled with the SONGS on Counterparts...i still dont connect well with that album.. but this album does feel like it will lock in and be one that i obsess about and elevate to top status...partly, admittedly, cuz it is new..and fresh...but mostly cuz it sounds great and is produced well and has great SONGS. peace.
  15. I totally want them to play it all. been to every tour since Signals...and there are tons of amazing songs to revisit..but RUSH have shown that they are better than a greatest hits(journey/styx) novelty...they are totally relevant, fresh and powerful material...great quality of work...still amazing. so they should start the show, do 40 mins..break... do the middle the CA story all the way thru...break.. finish with a 30 min power-ending...then encore two songs... i want to see a fresh show. how long has it been since you can sit and experience something NEW from RUSH on this scale? imagine(or remember depending on your RUSH AGE) sitting in the audience to watch 2112 in its fresh entirety...or HEMISPHERES in its prog glory... set list(as if i have a say lol): OPEN-- Spirit of Radio Dreamline Far Cry Mystic Rhythms La Villa BREAK-- Clockwork Angels Suite!! BREAK-- Tom Sawyer Subdivisions Armor and Sword Mission Anthem ENCORE-- Limelight Time Stand Still Closer to the Heart would trade a hit friendly two sets for a fresh new hour of music this time around. if your gonna play something less familiar...you gotta make it the newest stuff. peace!
  16. i love the song. i do think its heavy, but after you listen several times your ears adjust to the nuances..and it becomes more clear what they are trying to convey. the bass sounds retro..i wish he had the taste for his Rick, cuz this is a good song for it...but the Fender sounds cool too... gtr has some references to bastille, anthem, VT, SnA..wahwah lead is nice FbyN flavoring...heavy, foofighterish(BURNING BRIDGES!!)...the chorus gtr is the bomb. Drums are fun...not my fav part of the song yet.. verses are velocity driven, i do agree the singing is that TforE style of montone wail... choruses are AWESOME. i totally disagree that there is no melody at all...the chorus has a fanastic melody..its funny that everyone describes the song as EPIC, cuz thats what the chorus reminds me of..Faith No More's EPIC!! the plodding, machine-like, jules verne feeling melody stuck with me all day today...i love it. i am so excited that this is a concept album, and the steampunk world is perfect to mold a full scope of images and scenes... cannot wait... peace.
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