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  1. preferred the sidewalk image to be honest much classier but the signals reference probably precluded it as main cover art, all you can say about the clock is bold, direct, striking and to the point...... cant say it completely blows my socks off but there's a clear singular message in there like a headlong flight straight into a fiery furnace of hell or something
  2. QUOTE (Alchemical @ Apr 11 2012, 02:42 AM) HOLY SHITE IT SOUNDS AMAZING! But.. June 12th? Ugh, two more weeks of waiting. Not digging the album art either... it's neverending mate
  3. QUOTE (adace1 @ Apr 11 2012, 01:54 AM) Sounds great! Hope we hear the radio edit today! that clip might be all we get, they werent sure what limited release would take place today, hope there is a radio release though.
  4. QUOTE (eshine @ Apr 10 2012, 02:09 PM) QUOTE (Tony R @ Apr 10 2012, 02:04 PM) Apparently they're going to do a two-year stint in Vegas supporting Tom Jones. Seriously - why not have Geddy and Elton John playing dueling pianos?? terrible idea - cmon Rush dont forget billy joel for the triangle
  5. wouldnt bother mate... i'm beginning to wonder if rush ever really existed at all.
  6. totally disagree, with the exception of the very last one without phil which i havent heard, all the post-gabriel genesis albums were exceptional just a touch more mainstream, and ive no problem with that if it works.
  7. you know, rush are the artists here, ive taken everything they've given me with gratitude till now, and i'll take anything they give me in future, so long as they happy with it and it representative of rush.
  8. QUOTE (RushIslander @ Apr 7 2012, 07:58 AM) All too often, artists depict a crescent moon near the horizon with the illuminated portion opposite from the angle of sunlight depicted throughout the rest of an image...like this one. could indicate another source of illumination like another sun but the observation is noted
  9. based on caravan and bu2b in particular i think there's reason for hope that CA could be what VT was to T4E and or what CP was to RTB............. there's a big big chance this could be an epic album
  10. the red image is nice, and direct, but lacking in something, maybe a little detail, maybe something to make you think, i mean the counterparts cover was as simple as it gets but triggered something intellectual to sustain interest... a swirling red cloud and a clock of runes just doesnt blow my skirt up although its a nice background like somebody said for a cd liner or something. the other sidewalk image with the dog and hydrant is by far the best candidate for album cover in the traditionally surreal vein of rush albums like a puzzle you gotta work out very professionally put together like permanent waves ect and the logo is spot on, id take that as the album cover art any day.
  11. sounds like a mish mash of old rush tunes to me, surely that cant be the new single?
  12. neurotica's a great rush track on a decent album
  13. just a spontaneous expression of frustration..... hence the peace out. adios. actually...... no, i meant every word..... i think we've all waited such a long time for this album i think a tiny piece of over-the-top angry frustration is only natural...... i repeat: TWO FREAKING YEARS ago clockwork angels was announced........ thats a large chunk outa anybody's life and yeah i know a cure for cancer might be more significant but u cant go judging everything by that perspective or nothing would mean much in relation... yeah, i think any rush fan in need of new music has a right to express a little angst here, and taking it over the top merely reinforces the strength of feeling.... if truly passionate about something throw any words out there to express the passion they dont have to be politically correct i wasnt addressing the UN or anything truth is, like most people i'm just happy the band still active, they could've retired like aeons ago. by the way got enough callofduty to keep me occupied i can wait as long as it takes really so long as i dont get a terminal illness or anythin... wish me luck.
  14. i've loved this band for a very long time they the only living heroes i have their music has meant so much to me at so many different stages of my life but, i cant be arsed with this waiting sh*t no more, two years ago we were given clockwork angels to wait for..... TWO F*UCKING YEARS...... i've waited... WE'VE waited..... now the albums done, a single's done....... and still we're being p*ssed around........ i love this band and have done for 30 years but roadrunner can keep their album now if this is what real hardened fans mean to them.... keep your viral marketing ploys or whatever it is you're doing i've had enough waiting life's too short
  15. a band sounding tired of making music on VT? how can u say that dude i honestly dont get how anyone can say that how can u listen to earthshine, secret touch, ghost rider and nocturne etc and think that band sounded tired? i honestly do not get it, i do not get how even one person can say that.
  16. QUOTE (Gilbertk @ Apr 1 2012, 08:18 AM) QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Apr 1 2012, 07:20 AM) QUOTE (lifeson90 @ Mar 30 2012, 09:55 PM) QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Mar 30 2012, 01:52 AM) More keys generally means less Lerxst. That's bad so I don't expect them to be back thaaaaaat much. ??? less lerxt in la villa for example? great keyboards from Ged just mean Al gotta dance more between em... i luv the way Al dances with Ged's keyboards more of ged's great keyboards means more quality Alex imo You can't NOT know what I'm talking about. Lifeson 90. Think more along the lines of HYF. There are some songs you have to really (and I mean REALLY) listen to hear Alex. no, HYF one of Alex's pinnacle achievements, you can hear Al perfectly on that album, only sometimes more as a sound effects artist... one of the main reasons Alex like no other guitarist is that sometimes he just isn't one, he's more like an artist who happens to use the guitar as the tool of his craftsmanship... in most of HYF the guy just making sounds, sometimes experimental sounds peculiar to him, when you hear Al in full flow you know who you're listening to and you know it's like no other guitar in the world coz he simply isnt just a rock guitarist.... take Turn The Page for example, i dont know the tech stuff for what he does on that track but its plainly obvious the man isnt treating his instrument in the usual way he's just making a bunch of electronic sounds with various chords or whatever, using ged's keyboards/bass and neils percussion to dance with... this is what makes rush so great, the chemistry that makes Al tick, and when Ged's got some novel ideas for keyboards you can tell Alex loves it and actually frees him up more to experiment and use his imagination. Hyf one of Rush's truly great albums, coz Alex is truly great on it
  17. QUOTE (tas7 @ Mar 31 2012, 04:27 AM) This is ridiculous,the comments are anal not giving any real description of what the song is like. "I wet my pants." doesn't really tell us much.They should have let some Rush fans listen to it or some people who can actually communicate about the song musically. this^^^ although i suppose it tells us there's some smelly people out there you wouldnt wanna sit next to on a bus
  18. QUOTE (drbirdsong @ Mar 20 2012, 12:57 AM) If Rush releases a 30 second snippet of them warming up I'll listen. A new song? You better get out of my way. this ^^
  19. can someone explain to me how, in this fast and furious digital age, this single, from production to general public release, is taking so long? i mean i just about get why the whole album has taken an eternity, its an artistic thing it'll happen when when it happens... but the single's cooked, its made, done, a finished thing etc etc.... so why not put it out for general download? why do we have to wait more f***ing WEEKS for f**k's sakes
  20. yeah, incidentally... Ged's keyboards are sometimes slightly underrated imo the guy's a genius on those things, you always hear 'oh yeah geddy lee, him with the shrieking voice or great bass player' but never anything about his brilliance on synth etc.... if you took his keyboards outa hemispheres or permanent waves etc what would you have? the VT and s&a experiment was totally right on the moment, especially if Ged couldnt visualise a novel keyboard sound at the time, but bu2b showing he got something new keyboards again to add to the mix, which all sounds great to me i cannot wait.
  21. QUOTE (JohnnyBlaze @ Mar 30 2012, 01:52 AM) More keys generally means less Lerxst. That's bad so I don't expect them to be back thaaaaaat much. ??? less lerxt in la villa for example? great keyboards from Ged just mean Al gotta dance more between em... i luv the way Al dances with Ged's keyboards more of ged's great keyboards means more quality Alex imo
  22. QUOTE (FountainOfSyrinx @ Mar 29 2012, 03:11 PM) QUOTE (lifeson90 @ Mar 29 2012, 02:31 PM) the subtle keyboards in bu2b are some of the most beautiful and atmospheric Ged ever played in rush you can feel the maturity and development from his last use of keyboards, probably the reason for their inclusion... like he knew they would add something this time are there really keys in BU2B?? what part of the song are they in?! try from 58 secs in they actually come in a little earlier than that but almost too subtle to hear in background
  23. online dictionary describes it as 'a sudden frenzied rush'
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