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  1. Dont know about any of that Don't know about that stuff but its not like I donated money for the hell of it, that would just be stupid, period! I got some cool Le Studio merch.
  2. Hello all. Been a very long time since posting but I wanted to share this because I think it is important to Rush history and wanted to make this aware to as many folks as possible. I was really not sure as to where to post this so forgive me if its not in the correct forum. Le Studio was a place where 9 Rush albums were recorded and as you may know was in a dilapidated state over the last few years. There are a few youtube vids floating around. Anyhow a fellow by the name of Richard Baxter is on a journey to rebuild this famous studio and turn it into a working studio/museum again, I think its for a good cause. Check out this FB page. https://www.facebook...dlestudio/?rc=p here is a pic of me with a Le studio license plate http://i146.photobucket.com/albums/r262/bytored/ronLesstudio1.jpg
  3. AFTERIMAGE as I just lost a dear friend who was supposed to join me for the Portland show. He passed four days later. He knew how much I loved Rush through out the years and insisted I still attend concert rather then seeing him in Hospice on his death bed, one of the hardest things I ever had to do was go to this concert instead of seeing him. He wanted me to remember him and the laughter and smiles we had when he visited me here in Wenatchee just 6 short weeks before Portland show. Concert was Bitter sweet as I was torn and he was on my mind the whole time. He wanted me to send vids of the show so I did. His wife played em for him and told me he "cried a little" and smiled. WOW.... this brought up some emotions. Rush always gets me through hard times. sorry got off topic.
  4. Tomorrow will be last day to make arrangements if anyone is interested. Will be traveling and most likely no internet Monday except for Monday evening and possibly day of show. If anyone does reply please send me a message to bytored1@gmail.com. I will see this on my phone before I am able to get back to this forum.
  5. Hi, no trouble with fire for me but know someone who lost their house. Pretty scary. Thanks for asking.
  6. Ticket is still available. any takers?
  7. July 21. Section 114 Row A, seat 15. $115.
  8. Hey P-D! :hi: Did you get the phisical copy or the download? I bought the download, but the sogn "Criminal" is not included in the final tracklist! It´s a real shame that this band hasn´t received much attention in the forum yet - they sound great! The theatre they´ll play tonight has a 600-crowd capacity, and it´s sold out. As much as I think they deserve a bigger venue to play, it will be great to see them so close. I brought the Niacin CD and will try to get it signed by Billy. I got the download Itunes version adn "criminal" is missing from mine also But has Time machine on it which is not listed in the track list.
  9. Pretty much everything off of "Bridge over troubled waters". Him and Art were great together. IT's just THAT good. My mom used to listen to this endlessly and listening to it today evokes such strong memories. It brings tears to my eye's. I like pretty much all of Simons stuff.
  10. I could do that if I wanted, but I have a lot more things I would rather spend that money on. I hear ya.. Here I am trying to get out of debt and they spring this pre sale is TODAY crap on me. I was willing to do the vip thing and drive to Portland to catcha show but here again it falls on a work night, well Sunday but hey I gots to work in the morning and I am not taking any vacation!! WTF is up with these tour schedules any how. No thought for the common hardworking man. Any how just venting. Im a little pissed that Im going to miss this leg also. Havent missed very many tours in the last 30 years.
  11. No Gorge, Damn! Portland on a Sunday night??? I may have to pass again with Announcement of dates and presale happening within hours.
  12. QUOTE (Skin Bag @ Sep 12 2012, 01:35 AM)Maybe because weeknight shows don't sell as well as weekends? Dunno, it's just a guess. I havent missed a show in years and am going to this time around just because its on a weeknight. Economy as well is in the shits.
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