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  1. Because in Italy, it's officially pronounced "Bar-Ket-tah". Didn't know this until a year or so ago. Heard it pronounced "Bar-Ket-tah" on one of those Classic Car shows on Spike TV or some cable channel like that. Thought the guy who said it like that was an idiot, but then it turned out he was saying it correctly. Geddy didn't know that the "H" wasn't pronounced and neither did Neil when he wrote the lyrics. How do people in Italy sing it when they sing along with Geddy? Do they sing "Bar-Chet-tah" or do they sing "Bar-Ket-tah"? And just how exactly do people in Canada sing it when they sing along with Geddy? Do they sing "Bar-Chet-Zed"?
  2. Geddyleegenes

    Z vs Zed

    I switched to calling it YYZed when I learned the Zed part. Since then, when I've called it YYZed in front of others, they've asked me what I'm talking about. I then explain to them that many other countries say Z as Zed. They usually find this info interesting. And then they forget all about it.
  3. The Backstage Club did have it. That's where I got mine. It's out of stock now.
  4. Funny bit about the one guy who said he used the lyrics from "The Trees" as a poem for a high school english class. The teacher thought he was a genius. This is a pretty darn boring show. Not paying real close attention, I should admit. Maybe it's better than it seems. Just now saw the scene with Al and Ged. They were pretty cool. (Of course!) Is that how Meet and Greets usually go? Guys turn into "deer-in-headlights" at the sight of their idols? I'd probably do the same! Funny how when they take the photo, the big Rush fan ended up hidden in the back row with his eyes closed. Pretty awesome of Al and Ged to do this cameo, and for the production crew/writers (etc.) of "Chicago Fire" to be big Rush fans themselves, wanting to do this.
  5. Never watched "Chicago Fire" before. Never will again! (And I'm 50 miles northwest of Chicago.) Awful acting. Awful jerky camera movements. And just now, the fire department arrives at a terrible accident scene and there are no police anywhere in sight. In downtown Chicago (they're right at Michigan Avenue and Congress) police are every 100 feet. Cops would have been on the scene in 5 seconds. Where's Geddy and Alex? Can't take too much more of this. (Probably show up in the last 30 seconds of the show.)
  6. Hey, was that dude in the Signals shirt Liam Birt? He said he's on the crew.
  7. Hold Your Spheres Permanent Fire Hemi Parts
  8. 4/10 for Here Again? Dude, was that your skull? You're so wasted! Definitely a 10/10. Every frickin' second of that song is filled with rocked out emotion. It pulls at my heart, man. IT PULLS AT MY HEART! Anyone who would rate that 4/10 doesn't know what he's speakin' about. You know what you're speakin' about with all your other ratings on the other songs on the album. I recently really got into this one again and love it now more than I ever have before. Rutsey was a damn fine drummer, too. Would never give up Peart's amazing talents though. Oh, and I'd give Before and After a 10/10 also. I'll be checking out your further posts.
  9. Time & Motion is my favorite tune from T4E. I was one of the lucky ones who saw them perform this one live for the short time that they did. Never thought to search for a live video of it on Youtube though. Thanks goose. Also found their live rehearsal version of it too. Great recording. Great tune!
  10. I really like all of "My Favorite Headache". Favorite is "Runaway Train". "Slipping" and "Grace To Grace" are up at the top too. From "Victor", "At The End" is one of the most beautiful, sad and haunting songs I've ever heard. I also like "Strip and Go Naked" a lot, and "Mr. X" and "Shut Up Shuttin' Up" are good. Don't want to say this next part too loudly: I find the remainder of the album unlistenable. "At the End" was part of the music selection played during intermission on the "Test For Echo" tour. I can't say that many in the audience (around me at least) recognized it.
  11. Anyone know the significance of the tour book cover? The four black stripes with the red diagonal line through them? Would the answer be spoilerish?
  12. "Superconductor" is fantastic. Also really like "Face Up".
  13. Sometimes I have to hit the "skip" button on this one. One thing I do that helps me get through the - uh - "speaking part" (as Geddy has called it) is to imagine different people or characters reciting it. Next time, try imagining Homer Simpson doing the speaking part. It's fun to think of Homer saying "The night has a thousand saxamaphones". Other "people" I imagine reciting the speaking part: Stewie from "Family Guy". Sheriff Rick from "The Walking Dead". Sargent Joe Friday from "Dragnet". Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick. Maybe you can come up with a TV character favorite of your own. Or just hit the skip button.
  14. Here's that entire review from Amazon. Whether Union (the OP) and Shotgun Method are the same person, Union can admit to or not. ----- 8 of 55 people found the following review helpful 2.0 out of 5 stars Their appeal eludes me., September 11, 2005 By Shotgun Method This review is from: Permanent Waves (Audio CD) By all rights, I should like Rush. It's not like I have a total aversion to '70s prog/art rock, being that I enjoy Gentle Giant, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Magma etc. And I also enjoy some of the later prog and prog-metal bands that Rush influenced (Tool, Mars Volta, Spiral Architect, Queensryche). However, the trio of Lifeson, Lee, and Peart have never made an album that I could listen to without simply clicking the "off" button midway thru. I'll try to illuminate the various reasons without getting too snarky: 1. The music, while no doubt technically accomplished on all fronts (especially Neil Peart's drumming) feels sterile, formulaic, and with few compositional risks taken (and when they ARE taken, they're inevitably embarrassing). It almost feels like a combination of the worst possibilities of '70s arena rock (cheesily anthemic choruses, overwrought hooks, boring songwriting) and '70s prog rock (self-indulgent chops, overextended song lengths, goofy pseudointellectual lyrics). Rush tries to appeal to a middle ground between experimentation and accessibility; nothing wrong with that, but their music fails at both. 2. Neal Peart's lyrics are often embarrassingly overwrought and pretentious, often reading like they were written by an acne-afflicted teen whose access to literature is limited to a copy of Atlas Shrugged and a handful of bad fantasy/sci-fi novels. 3. Geddy Lee... ack. I've heard him described as a "squirrel on helium." As accurate as this is, I'd have to say that's being somewhat charitable. No, imagine a squirrel on helium with its tender bits in a clamp while being chased by a cat. Lee's terrible voice only serves to further emphasize the aforementioned geeky lyrics. 4. The synths, when applied, almost always end up sounding dated and artificial. While not as bad as, say, Yes or ELP, they're annoying enough to be noticeable, especially on their '80s work. 5. As a sidenote, judging by Mr. Peart's biographies he appears to be an insufferably humorless and egotistical individual. Don't even get me started with the recent Feedback EP--their own music is bad enough without trying to mess up classics by The Who, Buffalo Springfield, et al. For a real art/prog fix, I'd advise you to pick up Gentle Giant's Octopus or any of King Crimson's Mk IV albums (Red, Larks' Tongues, Starless & Bible Black) and give Rush a pass.
  15. On That Metal Show, Geddy was asked to rank the first nine studio albums. Here's how he did it: 9. Fly By Night 8. Caress of Steel 7. Signals 6. Rush 5. A Farewell To Kings 4. Hemispheres 3. 2112 2. Permanent Waves 1. Moving Pictures Do you agree with Geddy? How would you rank the first nine studios? Here's my own: 9. A Farewell To Kings 8. Signals 7. Caress of Steel 6. Fly By Night 5. Hemispheres 4. Rush 3. 2112 2. Permanent Waves 1. Moving Pictures Geddy also prefers All the World's a Stage over Exit... Stage Left. He says "Exit" haunts him because of how much they pulled back the audience sound-wise.
  16. 1. Red Barchetta 2. YYZ 3. Limelight 4. Tom Sawyer 5. Witch Hunt 6. Vital Signs 7. The Camera Eye
  17. I have to be in the mood for it, and that happens very seldom.
  18. You are NEVER to old for Rush :) Yes, that's right, but I am talking about driving around with music blaring from my car. It looks silly after a certain age. At least to my way of thinking. I'm ten years behind you and male, but I still drive around with Rush blaring from my Stang. If others think I look silly, then up theirs. The only way I think it MIGHT look silly is if I were doing it on a day like today, when it's -5 degrees out there. I've got loads of Rush compilation discs that I keep spinning in the car on a regular basis. I trade off now and then to other music, but Rush always comes back before too long.
  19. Love The Wreckers, Wish Them Well and especially Headlong Flight. The rest has faded for me. Can't even identify some of the songs by name when they come around in the shuffle. Moving Pictures is almost completely fantastic. The Camera Eye is a bit too repetitive for me. Tom, Red, Y, Lime, Witch and Vital are absolute top stuff.
  20. Shocked the interviewer asked about "Cut to the Chase". My favorite Rush song overall and one I've been talking up for years. Still can't believe the guys have never played this one live. It's a fantastic song and that guitar solo is good, bad and ugly. Brilliant!
  21. What is Clockwork Angels really about? Right now, depending on where you check, it's about 10 to 12 bucks. And there's actually two ways to interpret that when you take into consideration Geddy, Alex and Neil's point of view.
  22. That is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Thanks so much for posting it. Wish there was a way of knowing about the existence of things like this. That darn pillar. And it turns out it wasn't even holding anything up!!!
  23. I don't know if it was just imagination stringing me along, because I've always considered "Mystic Rhythms" my second most favorite song of all Rush songs. Until this topic. Because I decided I needed to go with "La Villa Strangiato" as my favorite closing track. What a nightmare!
  24. Guys, you looked too soon! Actually, the first time I posted up there, the pic didn't show up even though it did in the "preview post". Had to figure out what went wrong. Pic's up there now though.
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