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    Tai Shan

    Geddy acknowledged that lyrically, the song was very personal for Neil. He doesn't think that musically, he and Alex contributed what the lyrics deserved. Geddy said he finds the song "boring" and by that I have to think he's still talking "musically". Neil's lyrics are very good. I have to agree with Geddy's assessment. "Tai Shan" is my own second least-listened to song, right before "Rivendell", and just after "The Necromancer".
  2. Definitely agree with those who have mentioned the "My Favorite Headache" comparisons. I thought that immediately when hearing both "The Wreckers" and "The Garden". I was surprised when I read others were thinking it too. "The Garden" in particular reminded me a whole lot of "The Angel's Share". There's definitely nothing wrong with these comparisons. "My Favorite Headache" is one of my favorite non-Rush albums. Geddy kicked with that album and I've always hoped the guys would play some "MFH" on the road. Besides that, these 30 second clips are F***ing F**TASTIC! Walmart??? WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT IT!!! (But then too, Walmart had "Snakes and Arrows" stocked the week before it's official release. Good Old Sam Walton. What a guy!)
  3. When I saw the tour book cover featuring the Signals reference, I sort of hoped it was included just to throw everyone off the track. I know it's the 30th anniversary for Signals. However, it's also the 100 year pre-anniversary of 2112. (100 years til 2112.) Geddy had also mentioned in an interview that he thought it would be cool to do 2112 in it's entirety after having done Moving Pictures the last tour. Of course, there's really no reason for them to want to throw everyone off the track. I don't think it would change anything or ruin anything if everybody knew that they were going to perform all of 2112 (the entire album not just the title song.) In fact, it possibly would sell more tickets.
  4. I don't bother with radio any more either. I did check WLUP's playlist on their site for the last couple days. They haven't played HF. They have played Limelight, Spirit of Radio, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, Closer To The Heart, Tom Sawyer, Tom Sawyer, Subdivisions and Tom Sawyer. The other possible here in Chicago is WDRV. They haven't played HF either. They did play Tom Sawyer once though.
  5. I haven't listened to rock radio for a couple of years now. (Make that advertisement radio with some music every now and then.) I looked up Chicago's two biggest rock stations websites and checked out their "recently played list". Yesterday and so far today (9:30 am) WLUP has played Tom Sawyer, Spirit of Radio and Tom Sawyer. WDRV played Subdivisions. No Headlong Flight. So there's another reason why it's not worth listening to rock radio - in Chicago, at least.
  6. DAMN F-ING COOL!!! The editing throughout that video makes it look like all those Geddys, Alexs and Neils from through-out Rush's history are all really playing the song in concert. Love the "TV Credits" and "Movie Titles" print of the lyrics and all that. (That Zeppelin doesn't look steam-driven though!) All this and they're hitting Chicago on Sept. 15th, too. Not sure if we'll see them then or get ourselves back out to Vegas November 23rd. My Sweet Baby and I saw Rush at the MGM on our Wedding night, August 14th, 2010. I think I've got to try to get us back out there for the CA tour now too. WHAT A RUSH!!!
  7. Here's my list based on how I'm feeling today. This could change at any moment. 1. Non-Stagnant Visual Remembrances 2. The Hairdo Album 3. Yin and Yang or This and That 4. One Hundred Years From Now 5. The Two Sections Of The Brain 6. Electrified Framed Glass Pieces 7. The Hurried Album 8. Native Americans Sent Them In Smoke 9. Chem Lines 10. Jones Not Over Over-Worked 11. Turned Clavicles, Femurs and Fibulas 12. Red-Eye Travel Time 13. Adios Henry the VIII and Richard the III 14. Car-Constructing Material With A Soft Touch 15. Politicians and Plymouth Automobiles 16. Let's See If This Works: HELLO??? Hello?? hello? 17. Results In Bandaged Hands 18. Hold Down Tightly On A Digit On One's Foot 19. Microphone To The Speaker System I'm already thinking I need to change the order of some in the middle.
  8. Oh, and I'm thinking I'll check Walmart. The Walmart in Vernon Hills, Illinois, had "Snakes & Arrows" stocked the Friday before it's official date of release. I remember being totally shocked to see it there. And I've never understood how Best Buy could be allowed to call itself that. It was NEVER the place to get a best buy. Talk about false advertising to the extreme.
  9. Hey everybody, think twice about sticking with Best Buy as your Rush-CA source. Best Buy just today - April 14th, 2012 - announced the closing of 6 Chicago area stores. They're part of 50 stores nationwide to close. These stores will close for good May 12th, 2012: Addison - 1038 N. Rohlwing Rd. 87th & Dan Ryan - 8900 S. Lafayette Ave. Deerfield - 200 S. Waukegan Rd. Matteson - 4707 Lincoln Mall Dr. Mundelein - 1100 N. U.S. Route 83 West Dundee - 979 W. Main St. Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/Best-...l#ixzz1s3DuP45T I think everyone will want to check your own area concerning whether your local Best Buy is going to be around on June 12th.
  10. Fantastic to know that each and every single one of you are in complete agreement with me about the face! http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/Headache2112/sostoned.jpg
  11. I've read a number of posts saying that the CA cover is sort of boring or that it reminds them of the "Hold Your Fire" cover. I think it's pretty cool and I think there's maybe more to it when you look harder at it. (It helps if you're smokin' a little somethin' too.) Is it just me or is there a face in that swirl of clouds on the cover of CA? Angels make you think of Heaven, of course. But that cover is red, which makes you think of demons and devils. The face I'm seeing in there seems like a twisted demonic face, which - if it's really supposed to be there - is pretty cool in the way it's looking down from the blood red sky and clouds. Maybe it's that loving Watchmaker, loving us all to death? I'm not good at this sort of thing, but I've marked out the face I'm seeing. There's a right eye (or eye-less blacked-out eye socket), a nose and a wickedly smiling mouth. If you look close, there are even teeth in that mouth. I didn't mark it out, but you can also see the right side of the face too. The left side of the face, including the left eye, is lost in the swirl effect. Now, when you look at what I've marked out, it looks silly. Scroll down and look at the album cover without my markings and see if you see what I think I'm seeing. And yes, I know the thing about psychiatrists saying that humans like to try and see faces in everything. I guess I'm just being human. I suppose it's open to one's own interpretation. Thanks to the person who posted the cover and the photo of the guys. http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/Headache2112/rushclockworkangelscoverface.jpg Now look at the unmarked version and see if you see what I see. http://i288.photobucket.com/albums/ll191/Headache2112/rushcacovernormal.jpg Just me?
  12. Beautiful work. Lots of interesting stuff on your site. The one of Mick and Keith is really cool. Your architecture work and the boat actually look like stylized black & white photos. I'd love to see your takes on Alex and Neil. Really impressive, but I think you already know that. If I had the money, you'd have some commissions.
  13. QUOTE (Union 5-3992 @ Mar 31 2012, 10:42 PM)Another of Neil's Rand inspired songs. Other than The Trees & 2112, what other songs have lyrics inspired by her novels? I know that the authors of the rather bizarre book "Mystic Rhythms - The Philosophical Vision of Rush" think that "The Trees" was inspired by the works of Ayn Rand, but it wasn't. Here's what Neil had to say about "The Trees" in an interview with Modern Drummer Magazine in 1980: Though it seems to be steeped in meaning, according to lyricist/drummer Neil Peart, there is no meaning at all in this song. When asked about whether there is a message to "The Trees", Peart said, "No. It was just a flash. I was working on an entirely different thing when I saw a cartoon picture of these trees carrying on like fools. I thought, 'What if trees acted like people?' So I saw it as a cartoon really, and wrote it that way. I think that's the image that it conjures up to a listener or a reader. A very simple statement."
  14. You would think they would have had something up about the new album or the new single. Especially since the listening party on the 27th. Even just a basic, "Everything is shaping up" sort of message.
  15. "The Trees" was the song that hooked me on Rush. A song that had something to say. That ending, "And the Trees are all kept equal - By Hatchet, Axe and saw" was the biggest twist shock ending since finding out that "To Serve Man" was actually a cook book and the Planet of the Apes was Earth all along. One of Rush's most fantastic songs musically and lyrically.
  16. This reminds me of the rock critic for the Chicago Sun-Times, Jim Derogotis (or some such spelling) who made no effort to hide his disdain for Rush. He did, in one of his columns, mention that he sort of liked "2112" for the main purpose that it didn't have a "happy" ending. That the main character dies and the evil priests assume control. Moron. I remember this idiot being on a radio show announcing that he was certain that the then "upcoming" Rush album, "Roll The Bones" probably wouldn't be very good. He then said he hadn't heard anything from it at that point. A true idiot critic if ever there was one.
  17. after 10 votes, "Tom Sawyer" gets none so far. Is it possible that "Tom" gets so much play that it actually takes away from the song? I went with "Spirit of Radio". The opening is such a blast! I just can't help but sing along with this one every time.
  18. QUOTE (losingit2k @ Mar 18 2012, 09:50 PM) QUOTE (Geddyleegenes @ Mar 18 2012, 07:18 PM) Cut To The Chase kicks the butts of every other song on Counterparts. It rocks hard and then harder and then when you think it's done rocking, it rocks it's rockingest. Absolutely fantastic song and if you haven't guessed, it's my favorite off the album followed closely by Leave That Thing Alone. Animate is also great. I also have never been a fan of Stick It Out. It's a cool song and I like it, but I've always had a prejudice against it because it got the call as the CDs single when Cut to The Chase should have gotten it. Because Cut To The Chase ROCKS HARD! And no, I can't understand why the guys haven't even attempted it live. Alex must not realize how incredible his good, bad and ugly solo in the song is. This one gets my top vote for songs I would love to hear Rush play live in concert. I was really expecting to here CTTC Live during the CP tour. Basically becasue it was one of the 2 songs from the album that hit the airwaves down here in South Florida, the other being SIO. I don't remember hearing anything else including Animate. Hence, I figured it would be played live on tour. But nope, They skipped right over it. I figured like mentioned prior, it was because the edits on the songs were hard to reproduce. I guess with all the technology available now it might be easier to reproduce. Hell, Neil can just trigger most of the parts on a pad or with his left foot! Interesting. Here in the Chicago area, radio never played "Cut To The Chase" but they did play "Animate". They played that more than "Stick It Out". I also thought they would play "Cut To The Chase" live during the Counterparts tour. That was a real let down and has been with every tour since. (Though I don't let it bug me too much!) What are all the "edits" that were mentioned above? Would that include the piano that's played around the 4 minute mark? That piano is so far in the back of the song that it took me a long time to ever hear it. I don't see why they would let some piano stop them from playing the song live. It could be put in as a "sound effect" (or is that what "edit" means?) or the piano could be discarded entirely from the song when played live. (Or Hugh Syme could push a piano out on stage at that point in the song, play the little bit of piano that there is, then push the piano back off stage again. I'm sure Geddy and Alex would help him.)
  19. Cut To The Chase kicks the butts of every other song on Counterparts. It rocks hard and then harder and then when you think it's done rocking, it rocks it's rockingest. Absolutely fantastic song and if you haven't guessed, it's my favorite off the album followed closely by Leave That Thing Alone. Animate is also great. I also have never been a fan of Stick It Out. It's a cool song and I like it, but I've always had a prejudice against it because it got the call as the CDs single when Cut to The Chase should have gotten it. Because Cut To The Chase ROCKS HARD! And no, I can't understand why the guys haven't even attempted it live. Alex must not realize how incredible his good, bad and ugly solo in the song is. This one gets my top vote for songs I would love to hear Rush play live in concert.
  20. One thing that might be interesting would be if Rush "revisited" some of their real old songs and do reworked versions of a few. Perhaps rework some of the synthesizer heavy 80s songs. Completely removing the synthesizers and putting in a whole lot more guitar. A new version of "New World Man" maybe. Stuff like that. I've only listened to Feedback a few times. I tried listening to it last summer, but ended up skipping through every song. I do like their take on "For What It's Worth", but if I'm going to listen to that song, I'd rather hear the original. I realize the songs on Feedback are considered classics, but they're all before my time and just don't spark with me.
  21. I suppose all of us here are sort of citizens of Geddysburg, so it all works! Good for your little one. Great job!
  22. With the recent "Rush - Icon" release, Rush missed a great opportunity to re-record the narration for "Necromancer". I think it would be cool to hear that narration as spoken by the likes of James Earl Jones (the voice of Darth Vader) or Morgan Freeman (God in "Bruce Almighty") who does narration on just about every other Hollywood film. Either of them or maybe Dan Castellaneta doing the narration using his Homer Simpson voice. Can you imagine that? Homer Simpson speaking, "As grey traces of dawn tinge the eastern sky, the three travelers, men of Willow Dale, emerge from the forest shadow. Fording the River Dawn, they turn south, journeying into the dark and forbidding lands of the Necromancer. " (I've also always thought it would be really cool if in concert, Homer did the "spoken word" part of "Roll The Bones". Or Cartman from "South Park"!) As for "I Think I'm Going Bald"; I can't help but think that some don't recognize the song for the sense of humor with which it was written. While many consider the song a joke, that's actually how the song was intended. Neil was sick and tired of listening to Alex worrying that he was going bald and so alluded to that lyrically. Musically, the song rocks.
  23. I just got here, so I'm going to go back and start with your review of the first album. My favs off the first album are the incredible "Here Again", which possibly tops my list of songs I'd love to hear the guys perform in concert. I also love "Before and After". I'd say the "least" song on the album is "Take A Friend", but even that one still kicks. "Working Man" is cool, but it's never been one that I go out of my way to listen to. I have to say though, the guys absolutely tore down the arena with the "WM" encore during the Time Machine tour. I swear Alex was doing impure, unnatural and illegal things to that guitar performing that song! From "Fly By Night": I agree, "Anthem" really rocks that album open. "Beneath, Between & Behind" and "In The End" are favorites, but "Making Memories" is a real highlight for me. Love that song. "Bytor" is cool, but it's never done all that much for me. I do love the guitar growls though! For me, "Rivendell" wins the spot for "Least listened to song of all Rush songs". While I still include it on my own Rush compilations, I always place it last. Then, if I feel like listening to it, I do. Otherwise, it's a usual skip. As for "Caress of Steel": I absolutely love "I Think I'm Going Bald"! It comes second to "No One At The Bridge" which I love and consider to be one of Rush's all-time best songs. I would love to hear Alex and Geddy do an acoustic version of the song live after Neil finishes his drum solo, like they used to do with "Resist". "NOATB" is one of Rush's most powerful songs with lyrics that really hit home. "The Necromancer" probably comes in at second place for "Least listened to Rush song". The narration absolutely kills the song. It's just so... well, childish. It's difficult to hear what is being said when my attention is centered on how stupid the slowed, drawn-out voice sounds. "Bacchus Plateau" is another highlight of the album for me. It's one that hardly anyone ever speaks of. Overall, I do like "The Fountain of Lamneth" in it's entirety, but I prefer to listen to it broken up on my compilation CDs. Fun reading. Please keep up with these great reviews!
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