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    New Hampshire
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    God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, family, friends, community, world, music(Christian and secular), rush

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    june 2015
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    a farewell to kings
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    i met all three of them after a show in san francisco on may 24, 1984.
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  1. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    frank zappa for president
  2. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    the allman brothers band-the allman brothers band
  3. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    tal wilkenfeld-transformation
  4. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    the allman brothers band-idlewild south
  5. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    Keith Jarrett-Sleeper
  6. tot

    Albums with 7 songs

    Name some albums by any artist with 7 songs on them. I'll start: Rush-Moving Pictures Robin Trower-Live Led Zeppelin-Presence
  7. 1. the camera eye 2. yyz 3. red barchetta 4. witch hunt 5. tom sawyer 6. limelight 7. vital signs very difficult to rank
  8. caress of steel is incredible! only their second album with neil, and they were already doing a sidelong piece. true genius.
  9. all i can say is "wow"! i didn't see rush until 1981. i wanted to go in 1980 but my friends didn't. my first concert was july 4th, 1980 with other bands. so i always was a little bummed that i missed the PEW tour. you guys caught some awesome shows back in the day.
  10. that's so cool you caught the PEW tour. i didn't see them until moving pictures.
  11. A 3 night run in Frisco in 84. Nice. Rare seeing Rush do more than 2 nights in a venue (can only recall Massey Hall '76, Hammersmith Odeon in '79, and the long run at Radio City Music Hall (can't recall what year that was)). the best part of the 3 night run was meeting all three members after the 5/24/84 show and having them sign the back of my GUP album. unfortunately, i had to sell the album a few years ago.
  12. i've been to 25 shows. they're listed in my signature. sheer bliss...
  13. the fountain of lamneth all the way
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