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    DTE Energy
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    Meeting Geddy Lee at a book signing in Dearborn, MI and reading Neil's books.
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    Primus, Psychostick
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  1. Absolutely awesome at the Palce last night. I wasn't originally too excited about hearing a lot from the new album, but it ended up being a highlight for me. The string section was an awesome addition and we really loved watching the two cello players rocking out; they clearly were having a blast! I especially enjoyed The Garden, which is my favorite cut from the new disc, even though I am a hard core rocker. The three Neil solo's were a cool switch up and Geddy was "on it" all night. All in all, as a 35+ year Rush fan, I loved each and every minute of it. Bashton
  2. And I meant 30+ concerts, not my age! lol Actually I am 50+ and I was at the concert with my Son who is 28. Bashton
  3. First chance I've had to sign in since the concert. Being a 30+ concert veteran, all I can say is WOW, what an amazing show! LOVED the Time Machine concept and the various vintage pics that were thrown in; lots of memories there! All of the video was cool, especially that closing bit! Can't remember The Camera Eye being played live for a loooong time. (my all-time favorite Rush song). Loved the variety of songs and the lighting was absolutely mind-blowing. I was somewhat surprised that Geddy was still hitting plenty of "high" notes, actually a whole lot more than I thought he would. Bottom line; all three of them were superb and it sure looked like they were having a good time. Heck, I even saw Neil smiling...quite a few times. THANKS for an outstanding evening! Bashton
  4. QUOTE (laughedatbytime @ Apr 15 2011, 09:14 PM) It's posts like those above that give me an almost immeasurable level of empathy for what Neil has to go through just to practice his craft at the highest level and entertain millions of people The words arrest, stalker and insanity come to mind... Bashton
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