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    Savannah, GA
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    I collect bassists. Yep. You read that right.

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    Tampa - R40
  • Favorite Rush Song
    Natural Science, Hemispheres, La Villa, Xanadu, Emotion Detector, Circumstances, 2112, Bravado, Fountain of Lamneth, Cold Fire, Ghost of a Chance, Open Secrets, Vapor Trail,
  • Favorite Rush Album
    Permanent Waves, et al.
  • Best Rush Experience
    Greenville, SC ~ Time Machine Tour I took both of my younger sisters to the show with me. Years ago, I would force them to listen to Rush pretty much all the time. Hey - my car; my rules :) It was such an awesome experience for me to be at that show with the two of them and to see them all grown up, rocking out to (and actually enjoying) the same music they had been "tortured with" as kids.
  • Other Favorite Bands
    Dream Theater, Symphony X, Circus Maximus, Seventh Wonder, Haken, Withem, Pain of Salvation, Subsignal, Kamelot
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    I don't play anything, but I do enjoy drooling over supersexy guitars and basses. Also, my husband is "Neil" in a Rush tribute band. That's got to count for something.
  1. I'm loving the new Jelly Jam album :) Enjoy!
  2. ProgPower USA in Atlanta Sept. 7-10. There's no other festival like it. I can't wait!
  3. This is a pretty entertaining site. http://www.musicintheabstract.org/#OdD Vocals - Alex sings!! (OdD, because he sings) -
  4. Nine. My first show was the T4E tour at the Omni in Atlanta in '96. Then I had a bit of a dry spell (not intentional...it just worked out that way) and didn't get to see them again until Jacksonville in '08. But I've been making up for lost time ever since.
  5. The presale gods smiled on me and blessed me with 5th row Geddy in Charlotte last year. I'm still holding out for that elusive 1st row Alex, though.
  6. For his birthday, I bought my best friend a ticket to see his first Rush show in Jacksonville FL on the S&A tour. He flew all the way from Alaska so we could go together.
  7. I prefer the live version of Ghost of a Chance. Alex's ending it with the "Hemispheres chord" upstroke just makes the whole song.
  8. I believe the ride pattern you are talking about in Everyday Glory is the same as the chorus in The Pass. Fun talking Neil licks:) Yes it is. And yes it is!
  9. Okay. So I'm not a drummer. And this certainly isn't what made him famous, but one of my Neil favorite "licks" is the ride pattern in Everyday Glory. And while I'm on cymbal/bell patterns...La Villa and YYZ.
  10. Haha! At the last minute, I was finally able to convince my hubby to go to the show with me. At that point, all that was left were lawn seats and he ended up with an unintentional case of the Marleys. I'm not sure he noticed the cold either :P . But one thing is for sure; the seat heaters were on for the entire 4-hour drive back to Savannah.
  11. I was at that Atlanta show last year, and I have to say I enjoyed the brisk night air. I'd like to add that Geddy was looking particularly dapper in his leather jacket and scarf. And the evening itself was gorgeous. Clear, cool, and breezy. The waning moon was just a little less than full. It was big and bright and to look back over my shoulder and see it glowing against the black sky really set the perfect mood for The Garden, especially as Ged made his subtle and heartfelt dedication to Ray's son, who had passed away earlier that day. One of my favorite shows to date...in spite of (and partially because of) the cold temperature. Besides, it was a nice change from the typical steamy outdoor venues, though the weather at the Tampa show two days later was phenomenal...so no complaints there either. Never been rained on at a RUSH show, fortunately. But I was comped some "VIP" (I use that term very loosely) tickets to an outdoor Lynyrd Skynyrd show a few years back. Even the shelter of the Jack Daniels hospitality tent couldn't keep me dry when the monsoon came. The show was cancelled. And I was perfectly fine with that. ;)
  12. Circumstances got me pumped on the way to work this morning. First the album version. Then the Snakes & Arrows Live version.
  13. How fun! This is what I came up with ... Actual song titles : 162 Intros and/or song "movements" : 13 Drum solos : 2 Grand Total :177
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