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    stafford uk
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    i am a single mum of 3, and a second year student doing bsc(hons) computergames concept art. my interests are...rush, art, design, painting, computergames, music, singing, make-up art and creating hair accessories, fitness, karate, dance, distance running, gardening, astronomy and astro physics, psychology.

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    birmingham NEC LG arena 22/05/11
  • Favorite Rush Song
    oooooh, thers just too many!
  • Favorite Rush Album
    grace under pressure
  • Other Favorite Bands
    tool, a perfect circle, apoptygma berzerk, nin, incubus
  • Musical Instruments You Play
    sing a bit, backing vocals for a band
  1. art (which ever discipline) comes from the heart and soul. sometimes it is difficult. dont give up i do know what im talking about
  2. tough choise between countdown and red lenses, went with countdown
  3. rush tool alice in chains incubus jethro tull disturbed fleetwood mac niel young apoptygma berserk fear factory nin and........lady gaga its true, i think she is great
  4. the pot, third eye, lateralus. im not as obsessed with tool as i am with rush, but they are a very very close second
  5. grace under pressure 2112 power windows signals cant choose between a farewell to kings and hemispheres!
  6. the body electric. oww, im the only one, hehe!
  7. youve made the first and sometimes the hardest step, in admiting you may have a problem and asking for help. that also means you do have some strength in there. addiction is hard but not impossible to break (im one of those that did break addiction, it can be done and then you life realy does start). your going the right way about it with getting proper help. good luck xxx
  8. haha, i was just listening to tom sawyer and reading the lyrics! spooky! is 'always hopefull, yet discontent' one? im not good with words, but it is interesting
  9. congratulations i hope you have a lovely day wish id had a rush song for my wedding. oh well, perhaps cold fire for my divorce!
  10. just read the first half...will read the rest later as i read very slowly! great story. im suprised they came to crappy old stafford in the late 70's, i didnt know that!
  11. http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn89/brandilunafae/14.jpg me a couple of years back and some make-up art i did. dont have much time to even wear make-up now with doing a degree and being a mum of 3! oh well, got some nice photos for the memories
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