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  1. "We need to clear our borders of illegal aliens!" "But extraterrestrial aliens should be allowed full citizenship." "I'm not an alien."
  2. This one made me laugh the hardest..... I had a hard time choosing though. Congratulations! Please accept my aplogies for the delay..... Snowdogged-> You're up! This one made me laugh the hardest..... I had a hard time choosing though. Congratulations! Please accept my aplogies for the delay..... Snowdogged-> You're up! Thanks sundog, but I think that I am disqualified from this round because I posted eight captions when I thought I only posted seven. We will have to wait for GoaR to see what happens in this case. Your winning quote was your fifth one, so I think you won. I think if your eighth quote won then it'd be controversial. Then again, I haven't read the rules. :cheers: I was thinking that might be the case, also. The rules aren't totally clear about it. Anyhow, I will post a picture to keep things moving along and then see what GoaR decides. :cheers: #6 rule is no lewd, etc...
  3. The sign DID say the hot sauce would curl your whiskers.
  4. Thirty years ago, how the words would flow With passion and precision, But now his mind is dark and dulled By sickness and indecision
  5. You all had me busting a gut...but there's a certain "je ne c'est quoi", ballsiness, faith in your God's sense of humor.I mean come on! The guy lists TWO CHURCHES he's prefers attending in his sig... and comes up with ^^^^ THAT??? Right on brutha InTheEnd Thx Bob! And glad you enjoyed it. I think this next pic has a lot to work with, or.. umm.. maybe not. lol http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v198/Lilbluebee/2004/flop.jpg
  6. "Hey Dad, I'm in New York City. Get this. Just tried to heal this cripple, but he said he'd rather have the parking space."
  7. :Alex: :Neil: :geddy: :musicnote: Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Haaappy birrrthday toooo Mara. Happy birthday to you. :musicnote: :D Happy Birthday, Mara!
  8. Short hair- "Hold on, hold on. Wrong switch. I'll get it started this time." Long Hair thinking- "Whatever. Should have listened to my mama and married that police dog."
  9. Anthem 180, Beneath, Between, And Behind 168, By-tor And The Snow-Dog 154, Fly By Night 154, In The End 161 Bastille Day 170, Lakeside Park 202, The Necromancer 182, Fountain of Lamneth 161 Cygnus X-1 Book One 30 Hurt - FoL Heal - ITE :D
  10. QUOTE (Territorial_Game @ Sep 7 2012, 01:12 PM) 50 people in this thread already. Tonight will be monumental! Hurry up, showtime! 370 User(s) are reading this topic (227 Guests and 5 Anonymous Users): Inthend, traeplien, nobodys hero, 1-0-0-1-0-0-1, Between The Beers, Rushman14, ReRushed, rsmintzberg, Flying Finn, subdivisor, better2112, dethroned emperor, hughes&kettner, SchemingDemon, OGr8imL84AD8inF8sBlackSedan, ctbadger, English Muffin, losingit2k, cdollaz, theredtamasrule, Jomboni, Shreddy Lee, xx2112xx, StokieMarv, prime mover 2112, StarTaker, LaPirata2, Alchemical, pt2112, dtpoet, ALifeson85, Sarge, deodato4, TheAnalogDad, bravado, 32Ford, presto123, scottw, joe160, djfunkywill, rushfanforever!, brideofskully, ytserush, Clacke, RUDT, isles2112, default236, YtseRob2112, Dscrapre, kevind2112, D3strukt, Kubla~Khan, Mara, Na na na, red_baron, Territorial_Game, Tip of the Iceberg, PocketfullofSilver, av450, Sawyer Rocinante, fansince1979, OfficerRabbit, farcryoverspilledmilk, WCFIELDS, CollinRush, micgtr71, Animate, Powderfinger, Todem, Transparent Green, briremo, dayglow76, betulga, J2112YYZ, Kid_Gloves, mmm_donuts, mstmompj, gotnoclass, Don'tMeetInBars, darth by tor, ThinkingBig, bigalfan, Sir Lerxst, bytor3113, animateme, ouchithurts, gup84, War Paint, Cyclonus X-1, Prince of Tyrus, theprestobunnies, Earthling2112, hellion, itslate98, Unattractive Truth, The Starman, bobo32, GUP1771, ReGorLaTroy, Sfam2112, jesse2112, LeaveMyThingAlone, RodrigoAltaf, rockinbass21, eoja, Huge Ackman, GotPeart, Jaminbenb, hunter, nettiesaur, gtbos, Elion, Jimmy14, Petamo, marblesmike, Faithless Mover, napoleonj, tim2112, Playsomerush, FountainOfSyrinx, mcooper87, Skin Bag, wbarr, bardan, Cygnus27, rocketom, koobie, jkt2112, The Mighty Dudad, Diabolus20, bscsmkr, robertrobyn, hermy, Showdonttell25, drumzguy73, lundquistaudio, tskidmore, The Gorsk Pretty dang good.
  11. If the holes don't look authentic, the jeans are worthless.
  12. Thx guys! Yes, that is a good B-day wish! If our LBs can stay healthy this year it might come true.
  13. All great posts. and to all those who paid our price for liberty.
  14. Really? Well wait till I sneeze during your next drive.
  15. "This sport moment is brought to you by Tailpipe Laxatives. Tailpipe Laxatives, when your ready to try anything."
  16. QUOTE (HowItIs @ Apr 8 2012, 12:47 AM)What do you mean, "That isn't Deep Thought."? Runner Up QUOTE The stairway to heaven has been found, and it goes right between Jack Skellington's legs. If it wouldn't have been that I just watched Hitch. Guide to Galxy last nite you would have won. So got to give it back to Howitis. Good job, your up!
  17. Thx Howitis! http://i23.photobucket.com/albums/b361/joybee110/spacemen.jpg
  18. 20,000 light years from home and done lost our damn keys!
  19. QUOTE "I can't. . . . Cuz nothing really matters...Anyone can see. Nothing really matters . . . even the RCMP!" It was perfect. And he knew it.
  20. You know it's bad when you'd rather sleep on the toilet than clean your room.
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