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  1. The Toronto 6/19 symbol is a statue commemorating the War of 1812. Named "Monument to the War of 1812" by renowned Canadian author and artist Douglas Coupland, the statues were commissioned by condo developer Malibu Investments Inc. and approved by the City of Toronto. The four-metre-high sculpture is of two soldiers — one standing and one fallen.The standing soldier is painted gold and depicts a member of the 1813 Royal Newfoundland Regiment. The other is painted silver and depicts an American soldier from the 16th U.S. Infantry Regiment. The monument is meant to be a scene from April 27, 1813, when U.S. troops overran Fort York, burned it and then left. (source: http://www.cbc.ca/news/arts/coupland-creates-statue-to-mark-war-of-1812-1.717530). The CN Tower is also featured in the symbol.
  2. I was a both myself (different seats for each show) and while I thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday's performance (yeah...a couple of flubs here and there, but overall a great show), Friday night was something special. The buzz outside the ACC was more electric. The crowd anticipation inside the building before the show was fantastic. My buddy and I met and talked to visitors from Indianapolis, Detroit, St. Louis, and Glasgow. Yes Glasgow...Scotland...in full kilts! When I asked each of them why Toronto, they all had the same answer...they had to see Rush in Toronto, for what might be the last time. That took it to a whole new level for me. They managed to sort out the sound issues from Wednesday and you could tell that Pratt, Dirk, and Lerxst wanted this to be special. I have never known Rush to ever mail a performance in...in fact, they fight for every note every time. But something about last night was different. There was emotion from those guys. They wanted it so bad to be epic and the crowd let them know it. I was very lucky to be there...I know it, trust me. It really will be a night that I won't soon forget, thanks in large part to both my brothers and sisters of the Rush "Nation" as well as those 3 guys who give everything they have to put a smile on our faces. We owe them everything.
  3. Toronto was "Go Jays Go" With a Canada Goose as the symbol.
  4. I like this shirt as well. I opted not to go with it though because it didn't have the tour listings on the back. I know that goes in the face of subtlety, but having the tour dates on the back in a smaller font would have absolutely hooked me. The white is a great change, but I still remember back in 2007 on the S&A tour, I bought the white shirt at the concert and I didn't realize until I got home later that the back of the collar had this gummy adhesive substance that to this does not come off...even in the wash. I still have the shirt of course, but it has fallen considerably in the pantheon of wearable Rush shirts for me. Bad memories I guess.
  5. Most of the t-shirts (except the dalmation, starman, and raglan 3/4 length) were $40 for S - XL (I think) and $45 for larger sizes. The one item that for some reason was more costly than Backstage was the raglan...$50! Advice to anyone going to the show in Toronto tonight...you don't have to wait for the gates to open to buy your merchandise. If you get there early enough, there is a vendor stand in the north concourse (the main entrance from Union Station) that is not at all crowded. On Wednesday night, I got down to the ACC around 6:15 and the stand was wide open. The vendors were actually patient and friendly. As soon as the gates opened, the stands INSIDE the arena proper were mobbed. Also, the tourbooks are not available at the merch stands...they have separate vendors for that (similar to the program stands at a ball game or a hockey game).
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen! We have a taker! After weeks of posting and reposting (aka begging...but only marginally!), I have finally found someone to take my ticket in Montreal. And I couldn't be more happy knowing that the ticket is going to someone who couldn't afford to go originally. There have been a lot of views here and some genuinely wonderful comments and I thank you all for that...so it is with this message that I bid adieu to this thread. To the person who is going to the show with this ticket - Have a great time!
  7. I'm more shocked than anyone. I get not being able to dump a ticket if I were asking too much, but this is free! The only reason I think I might not be getting bites is because there aren't alot of Montrealers on this forum...or those close enough to Montreal to take up the offer. I might have been to swing a weekend up to Montreal with my wife if I wasn't already going to both Toronto shows, but alas, that is not to be...
  8. With less than a week to go before the Montreal show next weekend, I am resigned to admit defeat in GIVING this ticket away. Clearly the odds were not in my favour. To be able to get this in the mail to one lucky fan, this would have to go out today or tomorrow at the latest, so I urge everyone to think of anyone they know in the Montreal area that you could surprise with a ticket, or a friend that couldn't make it or afford it when the tickets were made available the first go-around. Anyone at this point...just let me know. Cheers!
  9. I'll say it now frilly...welcome to Toronto. In some ways, you couldn't have picked a better weekend to visit our fair city. Festivals and all sorts of parties happening next weekend. I'm blessed to live right in downtown Toronto, so I'll be leaving work early on Friday to enjoy some cold refreshing beverages prior to the festivities. Enjoy the city and if you have any questions about the area, feel free to ask. Oh...and it might be a good time grab another t-shirt BTW!
  10. The FREE ticket is still available folks. *sigh* The show is 9 days away. Please take it off my hands. Thank you and "Ged" bless!
  11. Don't let this happen. Please don't make me do it. It breaks my heart to even think of the act. I implore all of the "Planets of the Solar Federation" to "assume control" and find this ticket a rightful owner. This isn't a gesture anymore...its a rescue plea! http://i.imgur.com/NHTGjUJ.jpg Note: An actual ticket was not harmed in the tearing of this piece of paper. But it can be...unless you stop the carnage! Sincerely PETCT (People for the Ethical Treatment of Concert Tickets)
  12. If I wasn't already going to the Toronto shows, I would have drove to Montreal as well. Believe me...I mentioned it to my wife, who both knows my love for Rush, and who herself loves Montreal. We just couldn't make it work.
  13. FREE. GRATUIT. LIBRE. KOSTENLOS. GRATUITO. フリー 免费 ਮੁਫ਼ਤ бесплатно Seriously...this ticket is all of the above and more. It is a chance to see Rush on someone else's dime! I don't want to throw this ticket away. I don't want to tear it up and dispose of it. I want to treat someone to the show if their lives. I don't know how many more ways I can say it.
  14. Hey Gang! This ticket is still available. A FREE ticket to a Rush concert! At the Bell Centre! In the Club seats! First Row! FREE! I seriously can't believe how difficult it is to give this ticket away! Someone please "come and get it"!
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