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  1. I was thinking of that, but I would have to rearrange the songs...so no. Unless I just pretended the songs he listed didn't exist and i only rated the beginning... But i'd much rather make my own list.
  2. Should I find the time, I will steal deckiller's idea and make my own list.
  3. One of my favorite musicians. We Didn't Start The Fire sounds a little like Rush's You Bet Your Life.
  4. I'm going with my band... they love rush and yet they've never been to a concert of any band... unfortunately, my guitarist's girlfriend/friend dragged him into watching some reggaeton artist in laredo... wait, did I say artist? reggaeton is not art, sorry.
  5. A good song from each album to start you off. (In Order) Working Man Anthem Bastille Day 2112 Closer To The Heart La Villa Strangiato Freewill Red Barchetta Subdivisions Afterimage Mystic Rhythms Time Stand Still The Pass Bravado Stick It Out Driven One Little Victory Armor And Sword. Go.
  6. I've yet to hear bravado live...and it's my favorite song...so it'd be nice to hear them do it. Maybe for CA tour, or a tour after that...but I need to see it before they quit.
  7. Faithless, then Hope, then The Larger Bowl, then Bravest Face... next is Armor And Sword, The Way The Wind Blows, MalNar, Good News First, TMMB, Far Cry, Working Them Angels, and finally We Hold On.
  8. Don't care much for this one...but I guess Crossroads, and the Summertime Blues.
  9. To me, it's Vapor Trail followed closely by Sweet Miracle. Both of these are absolute gems. Sometimes they switch around. Then it's Freeze, Earthshine, One Little Victory, How It Is, Nocturne, Ghost Rider, Peaceable Kingdom, The Stars Look Down, Secret Touch, Ceiling Unlimited, and Out Of The Cradle.
  10. Resist, an amazing piece of art. And then TfE, Driven, Half The World, Virtuality, Totem, Time And Motion, Limbo, Carve Away The Stone, The Color Of Right, and finally Dog Years.
  11. This is tough... It's between Nobody's Hero and Leave That Thing Alone. I'll go with the latter. And then Nobody's Hero, and then Everyday Glory, and then Cold Fire, Double Agent, Animate, Stick It Out, Between Sun And Moon, Cut To The Chase, Alien Shore, and finally The Speed Of Love.
  12. Bravado is tied for my first favorite song ever with the Cygnus X-1 Duo. Bravado's my personal fave, but I consider the latter the greatest work of man. And then it'd be Dreamline, Ghost Of A Chance, Heresy, The Big Wheel, Where's My Thing, You Bet Your Life, Roll The Bones, Neurotica, Face Up
  13. The Pass of course...closely after is Chain Lightning and then Available Light. Afterwords, Hand Over Fist, Anagram, Red Tide, Show Don't Tell, Presto, War Paint, Scars, and finally Superconductor.
  14. Time Stand Still...the chorus really stops time. And then Force Ten, Prime Mover, Mission, Tai Shan, Turn The Page, Lock And Key, Second Nature, Open Secrets, and High Water.
  15. Simply Middletown Dreams...my band and I can relate to this. And closely after is Mystic Rhythms. Then Emotion Detector, Manhattan Project, Territories, Grand Designs, Marathon, and then The Big Money.
  16. The Enemy Within, first part of Fear! And then Afterimage, Between The Wheels, Red Sector A, Kid Gloves, The Body Electric, Distant Early Warning, and finally Red Lenses.
  17. Losing It! (As a writer, I can somewhat relate to this). And then Subdivisions, The Analog Kid, Digital Man, The Weapon, Chemistry, Countdown, and finally New World Man.
  18. Vital Signs! Awesome synths, really moving. And then Limelight, Witch Hunt, The Camera Eye, Red Barchetta, YYZ, and then Tom Sawyer.
  19. Jacob's Ladder. Coolest Guitar Solo ever. And then Natural Science...but I almost can't choose. And then TSoR, Different Strings, Entre Nous, and Freewill.
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