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  1. Bravado is tied for my first favorite song ever with the Cygnus X-1 Duo. Bravado's my personal fave, but I consider the latter the greatest work of man. And then it'd be Dreamline, Ghost Of A Chance, Heresy, The Big Wheel, Where's My Thing, You Bet Your Life, Roll The Bones, Neurotica, Face Up
  2. The Pass of course...closely after is Chain Lightning and then Available Light. Afterwords, Hand Over Fist, Anagram, Red Tide, Show Don't Tell, Presto, War Paint, Scars, and finally Superconductor.
  3. Time Stand Still...the chorus really stops time. And then Force Ten, Prime Mover, Mission, Tai Shan, Turn The Page, Lock And Key, Second Nature, Open Secrets, and High Water.
  4. Simply Middletown Dreams...my band and I can relate to this. And closely after is Mystic Rhythms. Then Emotion Detector, Manhattan Project, Territories, Grand Designs, Marathon, and then The Big Money.
  5. The Enemy Within, first part of Fear! And then Afterimage, Between The Wheels, Red Sector A, Kid Gloves, The Body Electric, Distant Early Warning, and finally Red Lenses.
  6. Losing It! (As a writer, I can somewhat relate to this). And then Subdivisions, The Analog Kid, Digital Man, The Weapon, Chemistry, Countdown, and finally New World Man.
  7. Vital Signs! Awesome synths, really moving. And then Limelight, Witch Hunt, The Camera Eye, Red Barchetta, YYZ, and then Tom Sawyer.
  8. Jacob's Ladder. Coolest Guitar Solo ever. And then Natural Science...but I almost can't choose. And then TSoR, Different Strings, Entre Nous, and Freewill.
  9. Obviously Cygnus X-1 Book 2. Simply the most wonderful things man has ever created. And I'm not exaggerated. This is my humble opinion, but it is truly what I believe. And the LVS, The Trees, and finally Circumstances.
  10. Cygnus X-1! Start of the most legendary and deepest song ever. Too deep for many to comprehend, as a matter of fact. And then A Farewell To Kings for the intro, and then Xanadu, Madrigal, Cinderella Man, and then Closer To The Heart.
  11. The Twilight Zone. It's so dreamy. And then 2112, Something For Nothing, Tears, A Passage To Bangkok, and then Lessons.
  12. Duh, the Fountain. And then the Necromancer. Bastille Day Lakeside Park And finally Baldie.
  13. Anthem is my favorite, followed closely by By-tor and then Rivendell.
  14. My favorite is Here Again, for the bluesy and dreamy feel... Working Man would be second, followed closely by Finding My Way.
  15. I will pay the price! And I will not count the cost!
  16. QUOTE (progrush2112 @ Aug 4 2010, 08:19 PM) http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/photos-ak-snc1/v2161/226/12/16821245/n16821245_40175543_5552.jpg Warming up before an ASU Bball game (2 years ago) (full set of Paragons ) http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs235.snc1/8219_759729374249_16821245_42998142_6686261_n.jpg Sopping wet in Dublin city center (last summer) http://hphotos-snc3.fbcdn.net/hs526.snc3/29932_827179109439_16821245_45265930_30972_n.jpg At PHX Comicon (this summer) http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc4/hs015.snc4/34125_836765094049_16821245_45679645_6560332_n.jpg At Gettysburg (this summer) Love the gunblade.
  17. my dad's mexican, and he's a big rush fan. but when he lived in mexico back in the 80s with his friends, he told me that his friends always got the lyrics for Tom Sawyer wrong. They would say: His mind is not for rent to any dog or governor
  18. i don't really think there's a mistake, if you choose all a's, you'd get 20 points. all b's, and you'd get 40. all c's and you'd get 60. all d's and you'd get 80. but of course, most rush fans live a balanced lifestyle therefore, most will score between 40 to 60.
  19. I'm surprised it was this accurate Anyway, i'm glad we do have a lot of hemispheres on here; it just proves rush fans are balanced people over all, which makes us the best fans for anything out there!
  20. You know how the Snakes And Arrows album comes with a picture/painting for each of the songs? (well, most of them). Describe your own idea of a painting for any Rush song.
  21. While the names of Rush albums are absolutely amazing...a lot of the albums share their title with a song. What would you rename the album so that instead of a sharing a title with a certain song, the title shares a common theme with all songs on the album? Here are the albums we should rename. Rush (it is the name of the band, so rename it) Fly By Night 2112 A Farewell To Kings Hemispheres (debatable...technically, Cygnus X-1 Book II is subtitled Hemispheres) Permanent Waves (the third part of Natural Science is called Permanent Waves) Grace Under Pressure (debatable...in The Enemy Within, he says, "I'm not giving in, to security UNDER PRESSURE) Hold Your Fire (the opening lyrics during Mission) Presto Roll The Bones Counterparts (a lyric in Animate) Test For Echo Vapor Trails Snakes And Arrows (a lyric in Armor And Sword)
  22. wow...I'm upset with myself... I forgot two of my absolute favorites...both on vapor trails. Vapor trail-(the guitar throughout the songs) atmospheric phases...make the transitory last Sweet Miracle-no hope at all, no hope at all
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