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  1. I haven't been on TRF in forever but damn this album is amazing
  2. http://iamthemorningband.bandcamp.com/album/- Just wanted to share this discovery. The album is free (though you should donate). Just listen to Burn. If you're not sold after that, I can't help you
  3. I'll be listening soon :) I miss the rush forum haven't been here in forever
  4. Of course there are customs to respect but no obligations.
  5. I've never been. I am curious - are there restrictions on what women can wear? Does the city have a Western feel, or are there customs one should respect? Most Turks are Muslim, but the government is secular, so any restrictions on clothing are imposed by an individual's religion, not the government. Exactly. Most girls wore scarves but they had patterns and colors and they wore them very far back, hardly covering anything. Ad they'd even wear short shorts too.
  6. I just returned from Istanbul from a college trip and I must say...it is one of the most mesmerizing and beautiful and surreal places I've ever seen. I couldn't imagine how incredible it would be. Getting lost and enjoying the company of warm people, amazing food, incredible sites, and bazillions of bazaars...everything really exceeded my expectations. Has anybody ever gone? Just want to hear your stories, I miss it already...
  7. I saw them live, very surreal sound. The drummer live was a tiny bit underwhelming but the bassist nails it.
  8. Haven't posted in a LONG while but I just wanted to share that there's an upcoming book about various stories about rush through the perspective of their fans. Just check it out on these links :) http://rushfanstories.com/ http://www.rushisaba...ng-contributors http://news.cygnus-x1.net/
  9. Preordered already, getting a signed copy :)
  10. I just saw Quantum of Solace again and I remember disliking it (or liking it but not as much as others) and I think this film is simply a bridge between this and the marvelous Casino Royale. All three films show how Bond becomes Bond, so they're essentially. In Quantum he's so cold, but the plot is not really that bad, nor is Craig's acting. But he ends up realizing the error of his ways and builds trust with M, which is what Skyfall is all about.
  11. Have you seen the Connory movies? If not, you really need to go back and see them. The only one I've seen is From Russia with Love. That was a long time ago and I don't think I was able to fully appreciate it then. I'm in the process of tracking down the Bond 50 box set so I figure it won't be long before I'll have watched the rest. :) You're in for a real treat. From an objective point of view, some movies are classic and surreal and simply treasure of cinema, and others are parodies of this. However, if you can actually just sit down and enjoy each one for what it is, suspend disbelief (sometimes more than expected), and just relax, you'll find Bond has so much to offer. So much, more than anything else. People loving some films and hating the others is part of the package, and that's why I personally love them all :)
  12. Oh, well either way, he was pivotal to their formation and that's important to me...
  13. I don't care what this means and I think that is the meaning of it. It would take plenty of dissection musically and lyrically and conceptually to begin to understand, and I've tried, but gah. It's a beautiful work of art and one of my favorites and that's that. Sometimes cheesy but that's part of the charm and surreal aspect. Read the Annotated Lamb Lies Down for a pretty good synopsis/guide.
  14. Heart Attack in a Layby-Porcupine Tree Bravado-Rush Frozen Creek-Circa Survive Eriatarka-The Mars Volta The Cinema Show-Genesis House with No Door-VdGG Slipstream-Jethro Tull Orestes-A Perfect Circle The Patient-Tool Where the Road Parts-Dear Hunter
  15. No! Nic Potter :( the bass in House With No Door was him, correct?
  16. Rush: 1. Hemispheres 2. Moving Pictures 3. Permanent Waves 4. Vapor Trails 5. Caress of Steel Genesis 1. The Lamb 2. Selling England 3. Foxtrot 4. Nursery Cryme 5. Wind and Wuthering
  17. I think I just got fired, for a mistake that wasn't really mine. I admit I was wrong to miscommunicate, but I was misinformed. Anyways, good luck to both of us. I'll probably look for a job at the university.
  18. I'm so pissed they ain't coming to Texas.
  19. Gahdamn. Must listen now! Can't wait! I don't know if I'll be able to download the leak since I have not a computer to do so :(
  20. Is nobody else excited that there's just about a month left?
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