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  1. Took the Miata out for a killer burn with the boys Wednesday night might do the same tomorrow morning
  2. All those years running a cigar lounge and you never slid into more a fluid state of attraction??
  3. Better just play it safe and assume monkeypox
  4. waking up to a surprise big big bonus the girlfriend did
  5. we bought a new trendy loveseat we helped the economy
  6. single-issue voting is cool and all, but have you ever considered quitting over one exact person remaining on the payroll?
  7. This reminds me of Stage VII Autism like ricegum
  8. Cassette of the Full Metal Jacket Original Soundtrack commuting in the '99 4Runner vibe
  9. goodbye my sweetheart, hello vietnam
  10. We painted three ugly old wallpaper granny rooms in this home in half a year Not bad! No more internal work until next year.
  11. Time to go celebrate mom's 58th
  12. Jagged Little Pill is a killer album, still
  13. Would getting rid of both the manual Miata and automatic 4Runner for a manual 2-door Bronco for a few years make... any sense??
  14. Pretty good drive in the Miazda tomorrow sketchy clutch throwout bearing and all
  15. How to give a GenXer an aneurysm: tell them that statistically millennials have it financially worse off than several generations preceding them, and that it's not their individual faults. Preconceived notions you've nursed for 15 years are a bitch!
  16. The price of groceries might be intolerable these days, but at least you can cook them with tricked out modern marvel appliances
  17. air fryers and countertop pressure cookers are cheat codes to life
  18. sounds teenage angsty maybe college angsty
  19. How many miles will the Miata do before the throwout bearing noise gets scary? 1000? 20,000?
  20. What would I replace the Miata with, anyway? Maaaaaybe a manual transmission 2 door bronco, but that ain't no sports car
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