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  1. I would like to see MP full again. And a couple songs dropped in favor of others. I loved seeing Counterparts stuff, but swap it for Jacob's Ladder, Entre Nous, Territories, Force Ten.
  2. This hit the 5th page of forums... No responses in three weeks. I wanted to see the rest of this list. Get on it, Broseidon.
  3. 3 Sets. 2 drum solos. No one will see it coming.
  4. Snakes and arrows as a whole is a great album for a boring interstate. And Closer To The Heart, Limelight, Tom Soyya, Territories, Dreamline, The Trees, Entre Nous, etc etc etc
  5. I thought Snakes and Arrows was a step in the right direction. Everything sounds on the spot, studio and live. Wonder how much longer the wait will be. Release dates are always nice...
  6. Judging by this thread, are the odds of getting things you send signed that good? I should try that out.
  7. I'm all for everyone getting to see them, but I want to see the TM tour again Go U.S.
  8. Well with geddy talking about a potential second Time Machine leg who knows what will happen. Clockwork Angels, spring 2012...
  9. Where are your priorities at when it comes to the band's upcoming 19th studio album? For me, I know I want to experience a new Rush epic live. Clockwork Angels Tour FTW.
  10. My car was at half a tank. I filled it back up and it stopped on 2112. Highlight of the day for sure.
  11. That One Guy


    I've seen it elsewhere
  12. I was in a small college town of 4000 this past weekend, sporting my Time Machine Tour T-shirt, and a staggering amount of people commented on the band, specific albums, and asked if I'd been to the show a couple months ago.
  13. Yeah everyone gave the album their personal review. Pretty positive reviews too.
  14. Jacob's Ladder is on my list. The other six would be Virtuality (would sound awesome live, forget the lyrics) Vapor Trails A new overture (Time machine overture or whatever) Kid Gloves Face Up TERRITORIES
  15. Not really digging how similar that list is to the current set list. From Working Them Angels to Subdivisions is the same. I don't wanna hear the same seven songs in a row again.
  16. Where's My Thing would have been oceans better if the guitar line wasn't cheesy with that stale effect, and the trumpets ditched for a better solo.
  17. I'll take one of your finest Rush hoodies, on the double. Definitely order that one today. Good deal.
  18. Me and several friends went. We got front of the lawn section, $32 a piece. We had amazing sound, but of course back there it was hard to see the guys.
  19. Everyone wants their piece of Signals. I guess I could go for that. I have zero interest in hearing Driven. As long as that encore is, It'd flow more with the 2112 finale finishing off YYZ. And definitely having the super short 1 verse no intro version of Xanadu.
  20. Playing a couple Counterparts songs on the tour was a good idea. My alternative rock friends that went to the show were digging it!
  21. Yeah I agree. He's got some scuffs on the paint vocally.
  22. Presto, Self-Titled, Hold Your Fire, Signals. I know, I'm shamed.
  23. That One Guy

    Katy Perry

    Drop Cygnus Book II a whole step, tell me how that sounds.
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