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  1. 23rd - Daily :hug2: 24th - :hug2: 25th - :hug2: Today - :hug2:
  2. That is never going to go away, Lorraine. A few years ago, I never thought I would ever say this about an online community, but the love and care here is absolutely genuine. We all care about you, and I would warrant that at any given moment in the day, someone here is thinking about you. Absolutely, 100%. You are on my mind every day. Hugs and prayers dear friend :heart: :hug2: :hug2: Totally. You're on my mind too. Hugs and purrs :heart: :hug2:
  3. 21st - Daily :hug2: Today: :hug2:
  4. Daily :hug2: You are very much loved :heart:
  5. 18th: Daily :hug2: Today: :hug2:
  6. Forgot daily hug from yesterday! :oops: 16th :hug2: Today :hug2:
  7. Daily :hug2: from me too
  8. Happy belated birthday! :heart:
  9. Happy belated birthday! :heart:
  10. Thank mew, blueschica! :wub: Kitties look beautiful! :wub:
  11. Thank mew, invisible airwave! :wub: I love Butters! :wub:
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