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  1. Babycat

    New here

    Got two questions for you: 1, how do I get one of your special badges - the 2112 one, & 2, anyone know what the email address of SRO management? Thanx.
  2. Babycat

    New here

    Thanx FoxxiStarr! Much appreciated I thought that was Nancy in the R30 disc. Lucky woman, eh?
  3. Actually there's two from both alex & geddy that I absolutely love - two versions of 'closer to the heart'. The first one was from 'a show of hands' with alex pin-wheeling on his Signature towards the end, & the second one was when alex made really weird sounds, geddy started screaming & added 'did you get all that?!' I've no idea where THAT one came from but it's not on youtube as I've tried all the videos related to that version.
  4. Alex also has a certain type of quality to his voice, even if he does have spoken work on his solo disc 'victor' from 1996. Do you remember 'a show of hands' & it was during 'la villa strangiato' & it got to the part when his voice was completely blocked out, complete with radiation signs & apologies? Still cracks me up, even though I've never worked out what he was supposed to have said. Or sung. Rumor was it was quite rude & neil said it was nothing but ' la la la' etc. But alex obviously came up with something. Does anyone know lip-reading? I sure would like to know those exact words.
  5. Babycat

    New here

    I'm sure I've seen nancy on the R30 disc, where the band were going through the airport, though don't quote me on that as it could've been one of the management. Watch out for her walking quite close to Geddy on it. Anyone know what his son julian looks like? The last time I'd seen him was on a music video when he was a tall-for-his-age 4 year old.
  6. I think it's just a case of age getting to everyone, no matter who it is. Can Rush still tour in a decade's time when they get into their 70's? While being realistic, what about the decade after that? In any case, us fans will somehow know if & when the band will still want to perform. We know they know what they're doing, so let's just continue to support them as best we can.
  7. Thanx FoxxiStarr for making me feel better.
  8. I'm just relieved by that - I couldn't bear it if that happened. That made me cry. I love this band very much & I love you guys too.
  9. I'm being honest here, but I'm scared that the band will have to give up writing new songs, rehearsing & touring, & eventually split up. Is that going to happen? I'm literally scared stiff about them splitting up, having heard rumors like that since Neil's unfortunate twin tragedies. Such rumors have persisted as far back as the 1980's. I realize Geddy's voice literally can't go on forever. Whose can? I saw on another posting somewhere that one of their records could be the last one - is that true? Are Rush on the verge of splitting up?
  10. Shaun3701, okay, i do understand where you're going with this - fair enough point - while you're young enough to achieve those kind of notes, it is incredibly hard to maintain them once you hit the other end of the scale as it were. I hope you didn't think I was being obnoxious, I was just putting what I thought was a valid point across. Thanx for helping me understand it.
  11. Shaun3701, please don't get me wrong as I mean no offence, I appreciate all comments & also understand everyone has differences of opinions; yes, Geddy had a very high voice around 35 years ago, but don't forget he was about 20-21 @ the time, & as he's got older, his voice has changed over time. Geoff barton from classic rock magazine praised Geddy from 1976 to 1981 & fired off massive cheap shots @ him. I might have over-reacted but it does upset me when Ged's voice gets called into question. Other than that, I'll continue to support Ged in the same way we always do.
  12. Still 'finding my way' round the forums - so many to go for, so difficult to know what to do. Do I branch out & start a new topic or what? Apart from coffee & donuts, & geddy's soup(!) please help! What do I do?!
  13. Babycat

    New here

    Hi to all @ NWW. I'm babycat, a newbie still finding my way round @ all the forums. Totally besotted with Rush, especially geddy Will you welcome me in?
  14. Why do so many people have to rip geddy's voice to shreds? It's not his fault he's getting older! There have been countless other artists who've screamed their way across many a stage & no-one has a go @ them. His voice is unique, & for whatever song he's performing, is it not better to adapt? Don't write geddy off just because he may or may not have had a bad time.
  15. Hi everyone, babycat here. I've wandered into the temples of syrinx. What's new, apart from me? I think I need a !
  16. Thanx for your welcoming messages! . Had to laugh @ this am I that old?!
  17. Hi to everyone here on the Rush forum! My name's babycat, almost 40, been a fan for quite a while, & hopelessly besotted with the band, especially geddy Looking forward to hearing from you. rocks!
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