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    RUSH, 2112, Hemispheres
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    Red Rocks, Colorado - 16 August 2010, Time Machine Tour :-)
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  1. Ancient Ways, I truly mean what I say. I'm sorry for TS's disappointment in the delay of release for an item he anticipated as a time-relevant gift and Christmas has, indeed, been bastardized by commercialism and has been morphed into something that has departed from it's original meaning. For example, some retail stores in my area have had Christmas-themed junk on their shelves for a few weeks, now. Why? Because Christmas's meaning has changed dramatically for a major portion of society (in the USA, at least).
  2. Many a rock band, especially during the '70's, were influenced by Led Zeppelin so it wouldn't surprise me if some sampling occurred, albeit subliminally.
  3. Sorry for your disappointment. Christmas has become overrated, anyhow.
  4. summer_sky


    By quarter til eight, you should be in the mood!
  5. maybe, cos keyboards have no strings? Pianos are real...
  6. This story makes me smile, too. Very cool, indeed!
  7. QUOTE (Hear Again @ Apr 20 2011, 09:51 AM) That was awesome! Thanks for posting. I was there just two weeks ago to see Joe Bonamassa and the place still has all the charm it had way back on those steamy nights in June when ATWAS was recorded. Thanks Again take Care Joe Bonamassa! I have had the pleasure of seeing Bonamassa live 3 times and meeting him after the show twice. A true talent and down-to-earth dude. And, btw, am adding Massey Hall to my concert venue wish list
  8. I love to hear my fav musicians rap fondly about their fav music and the musical experiences that hold much personal meaning for them. It somehow places us all (musicians and music fans alike) on the same playing field.
  9. QUOTE (Oracle @ Apr 10 2011, 05:07 PM) Oh please, I can easily bust out 'Working Man' without even TRYING. My favorite RUSH song!!!! Could you post an MP3 online ... I love cover tunes
  10. QUOTE (Mara @ Apr 10 2011, 09:08 AM) QUOTE (tel @ Apr 10 2011, 06:48 AM) i appreciate what your saying about the bands mystique having diminished,i too am an old timer who remembers when we had to get up at 5am to get in line for the best concert seats by queueing in the wind and rain outside the box office. There is very little you cant learn about the band now which as previously mentioned is exactly what we wanted (or did we?) concert footage can be viewed the morning after on the internet and everything else is available at the click of a button which has completely removed any of the bands inaccessability which in turn diminishes the godlike status we used to allocate to rock stars and inparticular for me rush. yes the youngsters on here will be scratching there heads at this thread but many of us will connect entirely with it and wonder whether the good old days were really as good as we remember them Got up at 5am to queue for tickets? Slacker. WE camped out the night before, regardless of weather. Our parents would come check on us and bring snacks. It was actually loads of fun (though it was, uh, interesting at times being one of maybe 5 chicks out there waiting all night for Rush tickets)! Well now, in my day, WE said we were spending the night at a friend's house, snuck out the bedroom window, drove into town with on 8-track blaring and had to pack along our own munchies! Seriously, I love to remember the good ol' days... the '70's such a great time to be a teen and discovering all the great music!!
  11. QUOTE (Lost In Xanadu @ Apr 9 2011, 08:33 PM) Sorry, but I had to... Three low bursts sounded like the first 3 chords of Subdivisions. I couldn't stop laughing and got smacked by my wife when I started singing Do you take requests?
  12. QUOTE (ucsteve667 @ Apr 10 2011, 09:43 AM) QUOTE (summer_sky @ Apr 10 2011, 09:40 AM) downloading your show, now... erhmmmm, Pennsyltucky? Great place to grow up, live and even raise kids, ya know. I'm proud to be from the heart of Penn's Woods thanks, and forgive my 39 yrs of Jersey Humor in the great state of my 6 time championship Steelers. But some of the folk around here are rather interesting to say the least ooooh, Jersey boy brave enough to cross the river to Bushkill, eh? 'nuff said Loving the opening of your podcast and it ain't even RUSH, yet! Off to do some stuff while listening to your podcast
  13. downloading your show, now... erhmmmm, Pennsyltucky? Great place to grow up, live and even raise kids, ya know. I'm proud to be from the heart of Penn's Woods
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