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  1. I thought it was great. First thing I saw when I walked in was the double neck and immediatly knew that Xanadu was in the near future. Chris Nelson covers Ged very well with the vocals. Come back to town, you all are great!
  2. Just got my tix this morning. This will be a first for me.
  3. I skimmed through some posts and saw a bunch of similar ones but here is mine, regardless. Based on conversations I've had with several people who claim to be fans... When you ask them their favorite song and they say "Tom Sawyer." Then you ask them their second favorite and they say : Uh..that one about living in the Limelight..." (That was an actual response I got) I've been through this conversation so many times that my automatic response is: "Try Hemispheres or Permanent Waves and get back to me." Mike
  4. Here is my little rookie review: Woke up in Pensacola, FL at 0400. Barely caught my flight. Ran through Atlanta/Hartsfield and barely caught my connecting flight. Landed in Richmond and drove up to Bristow via the back roads (No, I didn't see Neil Yeah, this was my first time seeing RUSH and they were just incredible. After the first set I had a big stupid smile on my face from the sheer awesomeness of the first set. I think I was saved after the Freewill solo. Geddy hit the notes in Marathon perfectly. Alex's backup vocals were spot on as well. Moving "Pitchers" was...ok, there are no words to describe it. The Camera Eye was heavy and I was loving it!!! The guitar in Witch Hunt was just flat out growling. The intro to La Villa Strangiato was fun and the lighting was jaw dropping. The videos were funny as heck, too! I can't say enough about how amazing the show was. Everyone was into it and just loving it. I wish I had the time and funds to follow them around for the remainder of the tour. Just an amazing show which I will remember for the rest of my life! Mike
  5. Is it pronounced "Peart" or "Peart?" Had an argument with someone about it and was upset for the rest of my life... It's "PEART" for Peart's (<-- pronounced "Peart") sake!
  6. Love me some Counterparts but you could put any ONE song from the Signals list against all of Counterparts and I would still vote Signals. *Disclaimer* My name does not pursuade my vote either way
  7. Thanks for the welcomes, yall. I recently moved down to Pensacola, FL from VA. Got my tickets long before I knew I was moving. I get alot of "You're going back up to VA for a concert?" *Sigh* Again, let me reiterate...RRRRRUUUUSSSSHHHHH
  8. I'll be there. This is my first RUSH show, just got into them in the past year. Makes me wonder what the hell I've been listening to the past 23 years... Anyways, I'll be there with two of my best good friends. I've heard it's addicting and life changing....looking forward to it! BTW this is my first post, so, hi everybody!
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