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  1. I will bet my IRA that I will curse the Packers very loudly at least twice during the game. My IRA is safe…..
  2. Lions 24 Saints 21 (3rd quarter) Well, I guess the Lions aren't mad anymore......
  3. Lions 21 Saints 0 (8:15 left in the 1st quarter) Methinks the Packers made the Lions mad last week.
  4. **CRINGE** This is why I never watch any interviews with mainstream news channels. They ALWAYS drag up the old stories that we've heard a million times.
  5. Remove Geddy's annoying "vocal textures" in the middle of the song, and I'll listen to it more often! Alex's guitar riffs are really good.
  6. Do you guys know the Alex Lifeson Chord? NO?! YOU DON'T KNOW THE FREAKIN' ALEX LIFESON CHORD?!! WTF, dudes!!
  7. An American Airlines flight attendant taped his iPhone to the toilet seat right before a 14 year-old girl used the restroom. The girl spotted it, took her own picture of it and told her father. Caught red-handed, the creep furiously deleted a bunch of stuff before giving his phone to the girl's father. The family is suing AA, of course. The company is not talking.....of course.
  8. I joined AARP today. I hope I die before I grow old. — Pete Townshend
  9. GREAT STUFF!! https://www.comedywildlifephoto.com/gallery/comedy-wildlife-2023-competition-winners.php
  10. Sports Illustrated has now named Deion Sanders (4-8 record with Univ. of Colorado) the 2023 Sportsperson of The Year. Maybe they'll do a Prime Time Swimsuit Issue, too!
  11. Insulting a Rush Forum member's relative is a really good way to ostracize yourself here. If you want to preach about the immorality and dangers of doing drugs, then make your own thread about it. You DON'T insult people here.
  12. A day after news broke that Sports Illustrated has been publishing AI-generated articles passed off as the work of writers who did not exist, the staff of the storied sports magazine gathered for a virtual all-hands meeting. Staffers were furious, according to people who attended who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal company business. The website Futurism reported Monday that SI, the glossy magazine that for decades was the gold standard for sports journalism, had produced consumer product reviews by artificial intelligence and bylined the stories by fake writers. One writer’s profile photo was available for purchase on an AI website, Futurism reported. SI withdrew the stories, but its parent company, the Arena Group, a media conglomerate that also owns Men’s Journal and Parade, disputed Futurism’s report. In a statement Monday, Arena said the articles were written by people for AdVon Commerce, a third-party company it had hired to produce e-commerce content. Only the authors’ names and bios were AI-generated, Arena said. [source: The Washington Post] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't know all the details of this incident, but I think it's pretty clear that the use of AI will be causing a LOT of trouble in the world of corporate journalism.
  13. I took the shell off my pet snail to help him move faster. He just became more sluggish.
  14. Why does everyone in Athens sleep until noon? Because Dawn is tough on Greece.
  15. Both teams' offensive linemen should be made to run 100 laps. Horrible blocking makes a horrible game.
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