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    Listening To Rush
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    Allentown, PA (8/31/2010)
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    Meeting Lerxst and Dirk with my dad (I'm 17 now) on the Snakes & Arrows Tour on July 2, 2007 at Jones Beach at a meet and greet. Also, seeing Neil on his motorcycle driving into the show at Jones Beach on 7/24/10
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    Porcupine Tree, Agalloch, Dream Theater, Poets of the Fall, Symphony X
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    Guitar, Bass, some Drums. Saxophone (mostly bari but sometimes I pick up my alto or tenor)
  1. QUOTE (GeddysMullet @ Oct 26 2012, 09:58 PM) More than I can express! HI ERIC!!! holy. crap. HI!!!! I won't get to see them on this tour I'm sure you have though how were they?!
  2. I just got a new needle for my USB turntable which I've neglected to do for several years and as such I'm recording my record collection. As I own every Rush record released on vinyl (except: CP, T4E, VT, FB, S&A), it was my natural choice to record my collection first. SHOW ME SOME ENTHUSIASM HERE PEOPLE HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE RUSH? I'm pumped, I usually get back into prog rock around autumn, winter so I pulled out all my prog music today
  3. AFTK, Hemi, and PeW are tied for my favorites, so since they got 1-3 i am happy. it's probably the order I'd put them in if I had a gun to my head anyway.
  4. I couldn't get one at RSD so I had to get it off ebay, which cost me $22. But it's so worth it. I only listen to vinyl anyway, except for stuff from counterparts on because I haven't found any decent priced vinyl after roll the bones.
  5. A Farewell To Kings: 4 Hemispheres: 5 Permanent Waves: 6 hurt and removed GuP Heal PeW
  6. A Farewell To Kings: 6 Hemispheres: 7 Permanent Waves: 7 Grace Under Pressure: 4 Hurt GuP Heal PeW (best album overall, IMO)
  7. QUOTE (Valhalla610 @ Apr 15 2011, 09:27 AM) I wouldn't feel so bad. At least you weren't like my friend (who also happens to be originally from Toronto) at the Sunrise gig two weeks ago. He got tickets in the ADT suite. Not the best seats as they're third level and far from the stage. But it includes free food and drinks The line at the bar was long but they were allowed three at a time, so that's what he was getting for himself By the end of the show he was several sheets to the wind. When the concert ended, a well connected buddy of his calls him. This guy had backstage acccess and was allowed to bring a few friends with him and was inviting my friend to come down. My friend was just too obliterated to go and declined Probably should have just kept to the So he blew a chance to hang backstage with Rush after a show I would have literally punched him in the face right there.
  8. 200+ isn't anywhere near all their bootlegs lol. There's a Hard Drive going around with 1800+ shows. None of them past Pre-MP have it.
  9. Thank Logical Conjecture I was in Hershey then, we got treated to all the pyrotechnics.
  10. I got floor 6 too. If I had $200 you would see me there tonight.
  11. me and my dad heard it at Hershey. I was like "OOOH CYGNUS!! WOOO" it's over
  12. I can give you $50 for that ticket, but you can't unload a ticket for $100 the day before the show. Plus, $50 would make me broke bro, I'd gladly take it for $50 and I could even pay you more at a later date, but right now $50 is the highest I can go
  13. I don't care how cheap or crappy it is, as long as I am there. I saw them at Hershey last night, and MSG is just a 30 minute car ride and straight shot train ride from Hoboken so I need to go. I am still high on Rush from last night, and I would like to continue that until at least Monday night. Does anyone have an extra ticket? I'm willing to buy 2 if they are cheap.
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