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Albums You've Listened to Today, Vol. 5


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#4601 That One Guy

That One Guy

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Posted Today, 01:54 AM

Beck - Sea Change
Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine
U2 - The Joshua Tree

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#4602 Blue J

Blue J

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Posted Today, 08:53 AM

Iron Maiden- Somewhere in Time (1986)
Iron Maiden- The Final Frontier (2010)

#4603 ReRushed


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Posted Today, 09:27 AM

Cheap Trick - Standing on the Edge [5.5/10]
Cheap Trick - The Doctor [4/10]
Cheap Trick - Lap of Luxury [6/10]

#4604 greyfriar


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Posted Today, 10:41 AM

REO half-marathon over the last 2 days

R.E.O. Speedwagon (1971)
T.W.O. (1972)
Ridin' The Storm Out (1973)
R.E.O. (1976)
You Get What You Play For-Live (1977)
Nine Lives (1979)

#4605 bluefox4000


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Posted Today, 10:46 AM

Neal Morse-Sola Scriptura


#4606 goose


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Posted Today, 10:56 AM

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An online review:

Goodmorning Restrained is one of the few albums out there that I can personally call perfect.

The album is a mix of instrumental and vocal works, and focuses heavily on clean guitars. Accompanied by smooth synth pads, at times I forget that people are playing the stringed instruments - especially on the instrumental tracks such as 'Sunsettlers'. The drums are never too forward, and provide a good beat without drawing the attention away from the other instruments.
The vocals kick in in the second track 'This Time', and they suit the music perfectly. Soft and haunting, they never become lour or aggravated. This keeps the calm and allows the listener to truly sink in to not just the music, but the atmosphere of this album.

As I'm sure you have gathered, I love all the songs on this album. There is not one I would skip. However, if I had to pick out a few favorites...

- Metropolis flow... This song features possibly my favorite vocals in the album. They are dreamlike and carry as a whisper.
- Attending Midnight Screen... A sort of call to arms, this instrumental gradually builds up in power and features a great (but subtle) bass line.

- Deriving a Distance... possibly my favorite track, the drums carry this song and features a wonderful guitar solo towards the end.

#4607 geezer



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Posted Today, 12:00 PM

Yes - Osaka 1973 bootleg
Bryan Adams - Live! Live! Live!

#4608 Your_Lion


    Professor Gumby

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Posted Today, 03:07 PM

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