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Posted 10 January 2018 - 03:24 AM

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The Trees


La Villa

Hemispheres (a little too self-indulgent, still great though)
How can art EVER be too self indulgent? Isn't that the whole point of art? You make it for yourself and you hope that others enjoy it

Art can be extremely self-indulgent. Jazz, for example, is essentially a series of solos over a 12, 16, or 32 bar form.
As much as I admire William Burroughs, his work was very self-indulgent at times. Ditto Beckett and Joyce.
Musically, 20th century classical music was often self-indulgent: Pierre Boulez and his obsession with serialism, Messaien's orchestral work (generally), Stockhausen's electronic music. Not much of this stuff has aged well or is fun to listen to, and was often more about ideas and new techniques than music.
I like to think that art should communicate something, and that artists should ask themselves "what is my intent?", even with experimental music.
If the intent is to dazzle rather than communicate, then something essential would appear to be missing. That's my crappy 2 cents worth anyways!
Hope this post doesn't come across as self-indulgent... :P
Impressive rant! Looks like wacky tobacky hasn't killed EVERY braincell yet.  :P
Alkie-hol kills brain cells. Wack-tobac just kills my lungs!

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