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Yesterday was one of my worst days ever. :( :(

feeling very low right now

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 10:59 AM

I know more than anyone what it's like to be accused of saying some pretty horrific things at work/dealing with a**holes at work. IT BLOWS.
It truly, really sucks.

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this- best thing I can tell you is to keep your chin up. You and those around you know who you really are :)

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 05:32 AM

Thought I'd share an update.

I've been kind of going through the motions at work, being what I describe as a robot. Doing my thing, and doing it well, but that's it.

The old boss's boyfriend is the one that is now making up the schedule. Oh, did that ever worry me.

And I miss my old boss. Like, really, really miss him. He hasn't been perfect, and there are a number of things I haven't agreed with with him, but I didn't fully realize how much he actually means to me as a friend. I've been keeping in touch with him, through messaging, and we went out for lunch today to catch up. We had the biggest hug when we met, and it was so good to see him again. He also told me that his daughter, the one that called me the terrible names, was feeling bad and contrite, and thinks she misjudged me, sentiments that were partly brought about due to my continuing to keep touch with her dad ("Mika has nothing to gain from being in touch with you - it's not in her best interests. Maybe I've been wrong about her").

In a moment of serendipity, when I showed up at work today, the girl was there for the first time since quitting, picking something up. We looked at each other and she enveloped me in a big hug and apologized for the awful things she'd said. I said that it wasn't cool, and that she'd really hurt me, but we hugged again and made plans to hang out sometime.

So, I'll never forget what she's said, and know what she's capable of saying, but I do feel a bit better now. I'll never let her get too close to me, but at least if we can be actually friendly at a poker night or something, that'd be just fine. And 'actually friendly' as in not faking friendliness. I can't faking friendliness.

Anyway, I feel better. And I'm still a bit surprised over how much I miss being around my boss. Maybe it's just familiarity - we've been around each other most days for the past five years, after all - but I think I just honestly care about him, and he me. I'm surprised how saddened I am at the thought of not having him in my life anymore.

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 05:44 AM

Don't be afraid to forgive.  Forgiveness has nothing to do with relieving the other person of their wrongdoing...it is accepting the events, dealing with them and allowing yourself to move on from them.

Forgiveness is so freeing, but a very, very hard thing to do.

So proud of you for handling this whole mess with class and self-respect!

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Posted 28 February 2017 - 10:11 AM

View PostMika, on 20 June 2013 - 04:29 AM, said:

Feeling blah tonight. I've been on my own all day, as the bf is working. I generally like days off to myself, but I've been too wound up in unhappiness today, and lazy to boot. Plus, I need to go in and talk to what is now my new GM, especially because I've just seen our new work schedule for next week, and it is rather... not what I'm used to.

One thing I didn't mention is that my old GM also has his boyfriend working there... yes, that's a whole other can of worms. While the daughter has been removed from the schedule, the boyfriend is still working... wonder how that's going to go. Not really looking forward to the next few work days.... What if I end up having to put up with a demotion of sorts, crappy shifts... for all I've worked for, that's not going to fly with me.

I think some of you might yell at me to hurry up and quit and get a different job already! and you'd be right. I think I'm too scared to try something new, though, or at least at this moment.

Oh, and the last day I'd worked with him, my old GM and I had made tentative plans to go out for lunch tomorrow, as we sometimes do. I've sent him a couple of messages, to see how he's doing and if we're on for lunch, but no response. One thing I can't stand is being ignored - he should let me know if he's interested or not, but not leave me hanging. Grrrr.

Anyway, I've been a bit silly in letting this whole stupid thing bring me down, so much that I'm not paying attention to Getting Ready for Geddy.... Tomorrow is a new day and I'll stop wallowing and move forward, with whatever ends up happening. Roll those bones, fate and happenstance, and we'll see what happens.

I haven't seen you here, but if You ARE still around, my first Ex worked for McDonald's for a long time, and she went through many similar situations, and she survived.  You will too. I hope!
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Posted 01 March 2017 - 03:22 AM

I went through a couple of things like this at work and the WORST thing you can do is react publicly about what's going on inside you, especially if somebody has been saying lies or hurtful stuff about you. I had a very close friend (I thought) who I found out was convinced I was having an affair with a coworker (not) and not only believed her own fiction but was telling other people at work that we were and killing projects "because of our relationship ". She eventually said something about it to my face and I told her she was wrong, but I kept the hurt feelings to myself. It does you no good to be seen as a hysterical female (and there are still lots of people who think that way) who can't keep it together over a slight, no matter how mean and unjustified. Keep your cool, know that you are the better person and I bet it all blows over if you give it some time. You can't let her hurt you if you don't allow it. Keep your chin up and your lips tightly closed. Know we are all with you and behind you!

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