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Looking for a new amp

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#21 dpgreek


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Posted 01 September 2020 - 09:10 AM

Lots of options really.

1. If you strictly want an modeling amp: The Boss Katana is a great small amp that has 4 main sounds (acoustic, clean, crunch and brown sound) along with some effects built in. It can get loud if you want. The Yamaha TH series also touts a great reputation and size. I think currently amp-wise, those are some good options.

2. If you're open to a different approach with modeling: Look into something like a Line 6 HX Stomp pedal (which has all the effecs, amps, preamps and cabs built in) and use that into a powered flat response speaker (like a QSC K8). You can have a Vox, Fender, Marshall, Hiwatt, etc with the amp models which sound great and all the effects with a manageable volume level in the speaker

3. If you are into a smaller tube amp that is a Marshall so you can have that tube you wanted: Marshall DSL20CR. Has a great clean channel and dirt channels. 1x12, 20 watts, low and high gain mode, emulated output for softer play / recording. Use that with some multi-effect or a chorus pedal (if you need some effects) and call it a day.

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Posted 02 September 2020 - 09:06 AM

My Positive Grid Spark arrived today and I haven’t got much work done because I am in love.  I appreciate all the feedback that people have given me, but as soon as you start talking about names and gear and settings, I get lost.  When I’ve done research I am just overwhelmed and stop looking out of frustration.  The Spark is super small and light, but gets very loud to my ears...certainly more than enough for what I need at home.  The great thing is in how many sounds and effects it has.  If I’m playing Fly By Night, I just type it into the tone cloud, click a button, and I get someone’s idea of what the song’s guitar should sound like.  I can go in to each aspect of the sound and change the settings to get it closer to what I want.  I have no idea how accurate these tools are, but I’ve learned more about the gear used to create tones today than I’ve ever known before.  

I’m obviously in the honeymoon stage of this relationship, and I’m sure there are other amps that do this type of stuff, but this thing seems like it was built for me.  I can play along to my entire song catalog (plus YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify), get tabs on the fly based on what it hears, and it all happens fast without me having to understand a damn thing about why it works.  At some point I’m sure I’ll be back in the market for more “authentic” sounds, but right now I’m just having fun learning and playing.

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