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What's your EDC?

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Here's my Hogue. I tell you, Hogue is producing some simply awesome knives nowadays and I'll put 'em up against a Benchmade any day of the week. The quality and fit & finish is just outstanding.

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I bet you involuntarily orgasm when you go to that site!
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I simply happen to be a knife collector who appreciates a quality blade. I do not sexually fetishize them and personally find such an idea revolting.

Edited to add: Please accept my sincere apologies if you were joking, I've been accused of sexually fetishizing weapons too many times on this board before and knee-jerked, it just bugs the crap out of me when folks do that.

I WAS joking, because I own 4 handguns, two rifles and get a lot of that same kind of teasing myself. of course there ARE people who are weird like that, but I hope to NEVER MEET THEM! :smash:  I can appreciate the collecting of almost anything, for asthetics and such.

Brother, I feel like a complete and utter heel. Once again, I humbly apologize. Tell you what, anyone ever gives you crap about weapons ever again, shoot me a message and we'll school 'em together! I've got your 6!

No pun intended?  I work on a federal installation where they don't legally allow employees or visitors to carry knives or guns but I carry a Spyderco Chaparral (it's thin and only has a 2 13/16 inch blade) anyway. I also have a small 4Sevens light that has a couple of lumen options up to 1020. In the car, I have 2 flashlights, also from 4Sevens, 1 is small and if I need to find something under a seat or look under the hood or in the trunk, and the other is a 2000 lumen monster for defensive purposes.

For CC purposes, I have a Taurus Millennium G2  in .40 S&W. I'd like to sell that and get a Smith&Wesson M&P Shield in .45 ACP, but it's such a pita to legally sell a gun these days.

Have you seen where some folks have had trouble with Milleniums going when they're shaken or jarred? There was a big hue and a cry about it some three or four years ago.

P.S. No, no pun intended, I always say that.

I am familiar with the problems and there was a recall and a class action suit but I have a G2 which supposedly doesn't have those problems. I haven't had any issues with it, at least not like that.

Also, 4Sevens either went out of business or was sold in December. The owner posted a video that seemed to indicate he sold the company, but I can't find anything else about it.
An update   To our friends and customers,...

I am pleased to announce that Prometheus Lights has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire the Foursevens brand and assets. The last few years have been an incredible journey for Foursevens (est. 2008), and Prometheus Lights (est. 2011). I’d like to thank David Chow, founder of Foursevens, for building an incredible company and strong brand in the marketplace. It is a humbling opportunity to build upon his great work and continue the Foursevens legacy.
We both started years ago with the belief that innovative ideas and hard work could transform the humble flashlight into a powerful tool of the modern age. I want to assure our community that Prometheus Lights will remain focused on leading the market and fulfilling this mission.
I met David back in 2012 and I have long admired Foursevens industry leadership, dedication to excellence, and customer-focused solutions while also contributing to a great community of enthusiasts.
Some changes are in the pipeline, though I want to assure you that Foursevens will resemble the tried and true Foursevens that you have grown to love. We now have more resources to continue building products that delight our customers and deliver innovation for years to come.
We are excited to share more about what we will be working on in the coming months. The possibilities are unlimited, and we are just getting started…stay tuned!
Onward, upward, and thanks for your support,
Jason Hui / founder, maker & owner
Prometheus Lights

The day before to posted this, I bought three Gold Armor Tactical Flashlights for use to find the miniscule parts I sometimes drop into the carpet in front of my chair so I can finish my models!  I can't see ever needing another flashlight, these are so GREAT!  Sorry, I would have tried your stuff before I bought had I known!
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Do you wear a headlamp when working on your models? If so, what kind? I like Petzl.

Yes, I have a OptiVISOR with two lenses.  no light though.  Had one a few years ago with leds in the head piece, it was an
SE MH1041LC Illuminated Headlamp Magnifier, but I went for Donegan optical Co. this time because a fellow hobbyist recommended it.  Never had a problem with it until I realized I need a farther viewing range.  I'll check out Petzl!

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