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Posted 02 November 2017 - 04:22 PM

After being inspired by the Clockwork Angels novelization, I decided to create a novelization of my RUSH musical, FREEWILL IN 2112, just in case the musical doesn't turn out to be a success. Here is the introduction to that novelization. Enjoy!


Freewill in 2112

Introduction: The Monarchy

LEGEND SAID that there was once such a thing as a democracy in America. And it was a rather interesting thing.

    Democracy, as was understood by the citizens of Hilltop, Connecticut, had been fueled by only one thing: freewill of the people. It was the people who made their own decisions. It was the people who elected officials. It was the people who had a say. They didn’t need to listen to a king. They could do whatever they wanted.

Until 2062.

    That year, everything changed. Citizens of America were suddenly thrust back into monarchy when a queen took over the democracy. Believing firmly that the modern technological age was filled of lazy, braindead people, she longed to see citizens of America actually being productive again. Because her country was in an agricultural decline, she changed America into an agricultural society, so as to have them provide for her country. She declared presidents no longer, and tore the US Constitution to shreds, creating laws that required all citizens to perform manual labor from 9-to-5.

    At first, the citizens of America were fine with this new law. Many adults agreed with the queen- their kids were staring at their phones all day, and most definitely had something better to do to provide for their community. So they worked for that period of time, following the law, and after 5:00 they went back to their tech-filled lives.

Then, slowly, the monarchy began infringing on the thing that founded America: democracy.

They started by defining everyone to one religion: Christian Buddhism, affectionately known as Chruddism. Then, they banned all forms of technology: no cell phones, no television, no video game consoles.

And then- they passed the Motor Law.

    The queen had given birth to two daughters, who were extremely well-behaved. They always called people by their titles, were always polite, and always worked from nine-to-five. In every sense of the word, they were perfect. This pleased the queen, who decided to pass it down from generation to generation.

    Thus, a law was passed. Every adult had to work from nine-to-five, and when they weren’t working, they prayed to the Chruddist gods. At 8:00 PM, they went to bed. Everyone was indoctrinated and taught that freewill did not exist, and that the only people they could listen to were God, Buddha, their parents, and the monarchy- never themselves. There was no technology of any kind: no robots, no televisions, no radio. Bridges were made out of wood, not steel, and there were no such thing as skyscrapers anymore. However, the most famous aspect of this law was that it banned all transportation. No cars, no boats, not even a horse and buggy was allowed anymore in America. The only way to get from place to place was by walking. Due to this, trade with other countries was forbidden- after all, how can you do trade without transportation?

    It was this aspect of the law that gave it its name: The Holy American Motor Law and Constitution of Obedience, Religion, Leisure, and Transportation. However, it was quickly shortened to the Motor Law. It was too much of a mouthful to say.

    And thus, everyone was obedient. Everyone. Not a single person stepped out of the line of the law.

Except for the Genalsikoffs.


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