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Posted 19 October 2017 - 09:54 PM


In this forum you will find all character info for the characters of my RUSH musical Freewill in 2112. We will start with the main protagonist, Thomas Genalsikoff, whose ponysona is here: https://oghond.devia...ikoff-708362279

NOTE: NOT AUDITION INFO!!!!!! (Only people that I know personally, such as students at my high school, are eligible to audition.)


The main protagonist of the production, Thomas Albrich Genalsikoff is by far the most hated citizen in Hilltop, CT. He is constantly looked down upon by even his own parents due to his tradition-defying and rebellious ways. However, despite his rebellious nature, Thomas loves his family, especially his android uncle Barchy, and would do anything for them, to the point of still loving Barchy even after his secret is revealed. Being a Genalsikoff, he firmly supports democracy and wants America to return back to its old ways of democracy and freewill.

He is also the Third Man of the Peacilion in the New World, and is hailed by the citizens due to his rebellious nature in "New World Man."

Personality: Rebellious yet good-hearted, loyal to his family, honest, hardworking, thoughtful, intelligent

Likes: Barchy, traveling to other dimensions, driving with Barchy, the radio, his job, freewill, democracy, Marcia, his family

Dislikes: The Motor Law (more on that later), seeing Barchy or any member of his family get hurt, enslavement, the traditional ways of Hilltopian society, being left out, feeling misunderstood, the BNK race

Goal: To defeat the BNK race and restore freewill and democracy to America

Solo numbers: "Working Man," "Limelight," "Something For Nothing"

And now, let me explain to you...


Under the Motor Law:
- All transportation, including cars, boats, planes, horse and buggy, etc. is forbidden except by the use of walking- not to mention that all cars from the past are forbidden to be kept
- Trade with other countries or visiting other countries is forbidden
- Traveling to other states is forbidden- citizens must stay within their own boundaries
- Citizens of America in 2112 must obey ALL authority and not question anyone's beliefs
- Citizens of America in 2112 must work (or go to school) from 9-to-5 and pray to the gods for the rest of the day, then go to bed at 8:00 sharp
- All digital technology, such as the radio, television, cell phones, robots and drones are forbidden
- All playing of music and listening to music is forbidden unless it is a sung work song
- All steel-based buildings or industrial feats (such as steel bridges and highways) are forbidden
- Citizens of America in 2112 MUST follow the religion of Christian Buddhism (AKA Chruddism) unless another authority claims to be more powerful. If they choose to not follow Chruddism, they will be sentenced to death via hanging and will be sent to the Darkest Reaches by the gods, where they will forever burn

Yeah... the laws in this musical are crazy...

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Posted 20 October 2017 - 08:38 AM

Yes it’s the laws that are crazy here...

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Posted 22 October 2017 - 01:51 PM

About Barchy Genalsikoff/B-CYGNUS-68: https://oghond.devia...ikoff-708363992 (true form: https://oghond.devia...ILERS-709034986)


Serving as the main deuteragonist, Benjamin Genalsikoff is better known to his nephew Thomas as "Barchy," a nickname recieved from his fascination with Barchetta cars. He is fun-loving and carefree, yet extremely rebellious, given that he is a Genalsikoff, and loves music, parties, and the radio. However, Barchy is not actually human. He is really an android from the past named B-CYGNUS-68, and he has somehow managed to survive. Being an android, his body contains a hard drive that contains his memories and personality. He has the ability to travel through time and space to different dimensions, and can play music from a device stored in his hard drive. Given that he is an android, the monarchy pursued him for quite some time because he was a product against the Motor Law, and forced B-CYGNUS to assume a human form. While in a car crash, this form gets destroyed, and Barchy's hard drive takes over his Barchetta. His true form only appears in the climax, as Barchy sacrifices his hard drive to protect Thomas and the citizens of Hilltop.

Personality: Fun-loving, carefree, rebellious, honest, intelligent, a bit of a cloudcuckoolander, talkative, loves his family

Likes: His nephew Thomas, traveling to other dimensions, democracy, freewill, anything relating to the old days of America, the radio, music, parties, Marcia, his family

Dislikes: Seeing anyone he loves get hurt, being pursued by the monarchy, the Motor Law, enslavement, the traditional ways of Hilltopian society, blind obedience, the BNK race

Goal: To bring back democracy, freewill, and technology in America

Solo numbers: "Closer to the Heart," "The Spirit of Radio," "Marathon," "Entre Nous" ("Fly By Night" is mostly sung by him)

NOTE: The name B-CYGNUS-68 is derived from the RUSH song "Cygnus X-1" and from the year 1968, the year that RUSH was founded.

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