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"Re-gifted Roses" Dedicated To Someone On Mother's Day. Don't Worry, This Is About No One On Here!

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Posted 14 May 2017 - 05:25 AM

"Re-gifted Roses"

You were the red delicious apple of my eye.
So sweet.
So sexy.
So hot.
But then one night I caught you in a red handed lie.
The smoking Guns 'N Roses bled from my wounded side.
The choking and joking from fanatic fun led to a few uptight crooked noses.
The Lullaby Labyrinth Of Life goes on....
Or so I am fuckking told.
The witchy knife of an ex-wife grows old while I turn to solid gold.
Oh "Sweet Child 'O Mine" you can feel the swagger just like Mick Jagger.
Your heart and soul contain more cheap trick sour grapes than
The shit wine they sell at Trader Joe's.
Two Buck Chuck,
Who gives a fukk, just like a happy humpback whale in Maui....... thar she blows!!!

But then again, who am I to judge?
Some like to put their peanut butter taffy inside your tender beef jerky
Tunnel Of Willy Wonka Fudge.

Some human beings get to fall in love and it can could last forever.
Some lucky lover mother fukkers get to be in Eternal Bliss Together.
But to those who consistently fail at love I bluntly say... Fuckk You.
Please don't ask this humble bumble bee poet for anymore avid avalanche advice.
I am merely a forgotten Foreigner on this beautiful Earth, and I am very "Cold As Ice."
Turn on your boob tube and watch re-runs of Don Johnson on Miami Vice and
Leave me the fukk alone.
Just order your daily vanilla latte with that foggy foam and
Consume a bland blueberry Starbuck's scone.

I loved you from the surreal sacred start
But 20 years later you broke my fuckinng heart.
I bought you something sweet and smelly
But I left them in my man cave garage fridge.
After a few brewskis last night, I thought about throwing them over
The east side of the Golden Gate Bridge.
I am so damn tired of wasting cash on your overrated ass.
So my re-gifted roses are going to someone else.
She has an Alice Cooper tattoo on her romantic right thigh.
She loves sucking the cock while getting high to "Night Train."
My new true love will do anything for a cover band backstage pass.
No pain, no gain right?

Time for me to listen to the Blondie classic.... "Heart Of Glass."  

Dedicated to "Do You Love Me?" by KiSS

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